Moriah Plath Posts Bizarre ‘Payback’ Pic Of Micah

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Welcome to Plathville star Moriah Plath isn’t letting her brother, Micah, get away easily. She revealed that she wanted revenge, so she posted an odd picture of him online. So, where did this all start?

Moriah Plath - Ethan Plath - Micah Plath
Ethan Plath Instagram

Micah posted on his Instagram page about his move from Cairo, Georgia to Los Angeles, California. The Welcome to Plathville star included a few photos of himself and his siblings. In one of the snaps, Moriah, Micah, Olivia, and Ethan are all standing at a restaurant. Moriah doesn’t look too happy and reveals why in a comment. She writes, “I might not like this post because of the picture with me looking sad that I’m not 21. 😐 just incase you were wondering. Miss you sorta💛”

Micah Plath Instagram

Moriah Plath Decides It’s Time To Get Revenge.

Because Moriah wasn’t happy about the photo her brother shared, she decided to post something about him. In a new Instagram post, Moriah shared a snap of her brother laying his head down on the kitchen counter. Many fans suspect he was drinking when this photo was taken based on the look on his face.

Moriah writes, “Because @micahplath was mean to me in his last post I decided it’s payback time. It’s okay, he’s in California, he can’t kill me. I’m really gonna have to watch what I do when he has a camera on him from now on!😣 …Maybe if he flys out here I’ll delete this post😜”

She then commented on her own post, “Watch him call me…” Sure enough, five minutes after she posted the photo on her Instagram feed, she shared a story revealing an incoming call from her brother.

Moriah Plath Instagram
Moriah Plath Instagram
Moriah Plath Instagram

Welcome to Plathville Fans Love The Brother-Sister Bond.

In the comments section of Moriah’s new post, fans are commenting on the sweet relationship she has with her brother. Though they might need to get back at each other sometimes, they really do seem to be best friends. On the show and social media, fans have gotten to see their friendship continue to grow.

In a comment, one TLC fan writes, “OMG 😂😂 I absolutely love the closeness between you guys!! I’m not close with my brother unfortunately. Keep being super cool Moriah!!!” Others share similar sentiments, celebrating the siblings’ friendship.

So, what do you think of Moriah Plath’s “payback” on her brother Micah? Do you love the friendship these siblings have? Let us know in the comments below.

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