Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Forget ANOTHER Birthday Amid Josh’s Scandal

Duggar family Instagram (Jim Bob Michelle Duggar)

Former 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have a lot of birthdays to keep track of. They have 19 of their own children and one adopted son. Many of their older children are also married and have started their own families, resulting in 22 grandchildren. So, it can’t be easy to remember all of their special days.

In a previous interview, the couple even admitted to not knowing all of their kids’ dates of birth. However, there are plenty of ways to help the parents keep track of them, fans believe. Now, yet another birthday has gone by without acknowledgment. So, what’s going on?

Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar Neglect Kids’ Birthdays

Recently, the family has dropped the ball on their children’s birthdays. They previously shared birthday tributes on their social media pages, wishing their kids a happy birthday. They often include several photos of the birthday boy or girl, as well as a heartfelt message about their personality.

Fans have noticed that the birthday tributes are few and far between these days. The family has recently been dragged for posting “low effort” messages for their children’s birthdays. Other times, they forgo these posts entirely. Johannah recently celebrated her birthday and got no love on social media.

Michelle duggar Jim Bob Duggar Instagram
Michelle Duggar Jim Bob Duggar Instagram

Whose Birthday Was Skipped This Time?

On Thursday, November 4, Jessa Duggar Seewald celebrated her 29th birthday. Once again, her parents didn’t share a post for her big day. On Reddit, Duggar Snarks are discussing the lack of birthday posts. Only one family member, Jinger Vuolo, acknowledged her sister’s birthday. In an Instagram story, Jinger posted a throwback photo and wrote, “Happiest birthday to my bestie since day one. Love you so much @jessaseawald.”

Jinger Vuolo Instagram

A Duggar Snark writes, “Oh that’s sad, really sad. Having your birthday forgotten by your family is incredibly demoralising, and Jessa always seems depressed already. F her parents.”

One user points out, “I doubt they forgot. Duggarfam hasn’t been posting about birthdays recently. Joys birthday was last month and they didn’t post.”

The Duggars have been getting a lot more backlash on social media recently due to Josh’s arrest. For those who don’t know, Josh was arrested for receiving and possessing child pornography. Now, whenever the family posts online, fans and critics mention Josh’s alleged crimes. So, the family might have put an end to birthday posts for that reason.

It’s possible that the family will be celebrating in person or that they called her instead of posting online. Still, this goes to show just how much Josh’s latest scandal is affecting the family.

Jessa Seewald Youtube
Jessa Seewald YouTube

So, do you think Josh Duggar’s scandal is to blame for so many forgotten birthdays? Or do you think there might be another reason Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are missing so many of their kids’ special days? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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