Duggar Fans Wonder If Jinger Vuolo Will Go To College, Here’s Why

Jinger Vuolo Instagram (Duggar)

Duggar fans are hopeful that Jinger Vuolo can pursue higher education someday if she decides she would like to. Counting On fans know that Jim Bob and Michelle‘s kids are homeschooled and don’t go to college after high school. However, one of Jeremy Vuolo’s latest posts about his wife, Jinger, has fans wondering if she could go to college if she wants to later on.

As we reported, Jinger and Jeremy previously hosted a Q&A session on social media. During the Q&A, one fan asked if their daughters, Felicity, 3, and Evangeline, almost 1, would be allowed to go to college someday.

The couple seemed open to the idea. Jinger said, “I think, yes.” Then, she continued, “It’ll be interesting to see what, you know, they want to pursue.”

Jeremy added, “I think for sure.” He said it would be up to the kids. Depending on their passions, college may be a requirement. However, he also acknowledged that college could have the potential to set them back.

Jeremy is currently attending the Master’s Seminary in Los Angeles, California so he can become a pastor.

TLC, Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo (Felicity Evangeline Vuolo)

Jinger Vuolo Sports Harvard Sweatshirt, Shows Off Los Angeles Style

In a new Instagram post from Jeremy, Jinger shows off her Los Angeles style. The former Counting On star wears a Harvard sweatshirt with ripped jeans as she stands in front of a beautiful view. Jinger wearing a Harvard sweatshirt prompted a conversation about her going to college someday. So, what are fans saying?

Jeremy Vuolo Instagram
Jeremy Vuolo Instagram

Duggar Fans Hope She Has An Opportunity For Higher Education

In the comments section of the post, some fans are confused as to why Jinger would wear a sweatshirt from a college she’s never attended. One fan writes, “I don’t really understand why someone would wear a college sweatshirt from a school they didn’t go to…this is really weird to me.”

Others joke that Jinger’s sweatshirt should say “home” instead because she was homeschooled.

Some fans ask if Jinger will be going to college. Another one chimes in, “I hope eventually one of her sisters is allowed to go to Harvard or any college.” Someone else asks, “Is Jinger going to Harvard?!! Will you have to move?”

It doesn’t look like Jinger is attending Harvard now, but maybe she will go to college in the future. Fans will have to wait for an official announcement from the Vuolos to know for sure.

So, could you see Jinger Vuolo going to college? Do you think this is another way she will break away from the Duggar family? Let us know in the comments below.

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