JoJo Siwa Reveals She And Her Ex Split Just Before A ‘DWTS’ Performance

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Breaking up is difficult under normal circumstances. But JoJo Siwa and her ex Kylie Prew apparently picked a very difficult time to call it quits. JoJo recently revealed that she and Kylie split up during the morning of Heroes Night during Disney Week on DWTS.

JoJo Siwa found a way to perform after breaking up with Kylie Prew just before Heroes Night

Many of us struggle with heartbreak. It’s just part of life. But not all of us have to perform a choreographed dance routine immediately following a breakup. JoJo Siwa somehow managed to pull it all off, even though she really just wanted to be alone with her feelings.

“We officially broke up the morning that I did the Prince Charming number on Dancing With the Stars,” the 18-year-old pop star confided in Us Weekly. “It’s been a few weeks and it’s been tough, but we’re getting through it.”

JoJo added that at the time, she wasn’t sure she felt like performing. Honestly, she just felt like crying. But she picked herself up and did the routine anyway — with a smile on her face.

The Dance Moms star and her partner Jenna Johnson earned a 35/40 for their Cinderella-themed Viennese Waltz. Hardly anyone could tell that JoJo was really feeling down in the dumps.

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“And then I got that [time to be sad] and I was like, ‘I’ve been very lucky that I don’t have much of that right now.’ And I realized what was making me sad is I felt like I couldn’t be friends with Ky anymore. And then I was like, ‘This is dumb.’ We started being friends by Snapchatting every day. We’re going to go back to being friends.”

The pair broke up nearly a month ago, but are still happily friends today.

Things get a little easier when you have great friends

JoJo Siwa definitely has the right kind of support system. She credits her dance partner Jenna Johnson with helping her through the breakup.

“Jenna has been such a support in my life for these seven or eight weeks,” the 18-year-old told reporters, including Hollywood Life, following the Horror Night episode. “She has become my older sister and guided me through so many things. I think one thing specifically that she’s guided me through is finding happiness with myself. One thing that she’s done for me is made me happy with being me.”

Dancing With The Stars/Instagram

Even though Jenna and JoJo were in the bottom two couples on Queen Night, they plan to be resilient and come back better than ever. Monday night is Janet Jackson Night and we can hardly wait to see what the women come up with next!

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