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‘Bringing Up Bates’ Fans Think Carlin Is ‘Starved For Attention,’ Here’s Why

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Bringing Up Bates fans enjoy following the family on social media, especially when new episodes of the show aren’t airing on UPtv. Many of the Bates kids use social media to share photos of themselves, their kids, and more. However, some of Kelly Jo and Gil Bates’ kids are more active than others when it comes to social media.

One family member who is often posting online is Carlin Stewart. Fans think she might be trying to get more attention, and that’s why she posts so much. Fans have also wondered why Carlin seems to sneak her way into the middle of photos so she can be front and center.

A few fans may have cracked the code and figured out why Carlin seems to want so much attention. Read on to find out what fans think.

Carlin Bates Instagram
Carlin Bates Instagram

Bringing Up Bates fans notice Carlin in the spotlight.

On Reddit, a Bates family fan points out that Carlin always seems to be attempting to be the center of attention. The fan writes, “Am I reaching or has anyone else noticed how Carlin situates herself in the middle or next to the main subject in every single photo? What is with that?”

In the comments section of the post, other fans are weighing in. Many of them seem to agree that Carlin likes to be front and center in photos and videos. One fan thinks this isn’t only something that affects Carlin but that it happens in many large families. They write, “You have 19 kids, some are starved for attention. You see it in every big family. Always some loud people.”

Fans also noticed that Carlin tries to steal the show whenever someone is getting married or celebrating their birthday. One user writes, “I myself noticed this that she has to be the center of attention in every single picture. When Katie went dress shopping when Esther went dress shopping. Everything in her pose is the first thing you look at always has to be right next to Katie and every single photo.”

Yet another Reddit user says, “Carlin and Lawson have always had the ability to find the lens of a camera. Even before there was a television show for the Bates, she was notoriously positioning herself to be on camera.”

So, do you think that Carlin Stewart is always trying to be in the spotlight? Why do you think that is? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Carlin in the middle? from BringingUpBates

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