Did Jim Bob Duggar LEAK News Josh’s Wife Anna Has Already Given Birth?

Duggar family Instagram (Jim Bob Duggar, Anna Duggar birth)

In a slip-up on Friday, Jim Bob Duggar might have revealed whether his son Josh’s wife Anna has given birth to their seventh child. Up to this point, the Duggars haven’t announced the birth of Josh and Anna’s baby, though she appeared to be very pregnant when she was last spotted about a month ago. She said she was due in the fall but didn’t share a specific due date. This has left fans to speculate about when the baby girl will arrive if she hasn’t already.

Now, it seems possible that Jim Bob just leaked the birth news online. Read on to find out what happened.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar from Instagram

Jim Bob Duggar Slips Up, Possibly Leaks News

On Friday morning, Jim Bob announced that he is running for Arkansas State Senate District 7. In the family’s Facebook post about his decision to run, he included lots of details about his background, including his family. Interestingly, the announcement says he has 22 grandchildren. Not including the babies on the way, there are 21 grandchildren.

The post reads, “He married his high school sweetheart Michelle Ruark Duggar 37 years ago and they went on to have 20 children and have been blessed with 22 grandchildren so far.”

Duggar Family Facebook

Jim Bob and Michelle’s grandkids include:

  1. Mackynzie (Josh and Anna)
  2. Michael (Josh and Anna)
  3. Marcus (Josh and Anna)
  4. Israel (Jill and Derick)
  5. Meredith (Josh and Anna)
  6. Spurgeon (Jessa and Ben)
  7. Henry (Jessa and Ben)
  8. Samuel (Jill and Derick)
  9. Mason (Josh and Anna)
  10. Gideon (Joy-Anna and Austin)
  11. Garrett (Joe and Kendra)
  12. Felicity (Jinger and Jeremy)
  13. Ivy (Jessa and Ben)
  14. Addison (Joe and Kendra)
  15. Bella (Josiah and Lauren)
  16. Maryella (Josh and Anna)
  17. Grace (John-David and Abbie)
  18. Evelyn (Joy-Anna and Austin)
  19. Evangeline (Jinger and Jeremy)
  20. Brooklyn (Joe and Kendra)
  21. Fern (Jessa and Ben)

Critics Think Anna Duggar Gave Birth

On Reddit, Duggar family critics are discussing this mistake Jim Bob made and trying to determine if it proves Anna gave birth. It’s worth noting that the Duggars likely weren’t counting babies that haven’t been born yet. Anna isn’t the only Duggar with a baby on the way. Jedidiah and Katey Duggar will welcome their first baby in April. If the family was counting unborn babies too, they would have listed 23 grandkids instead of 21 or 22.

Jim Bob mentioning 22 grandkids has critics convinced that Anna already gave birth. One Reddit user writes, “They could be including her as she’s due any day but it’s so late in ‘Fall’ now that I think she must’ve hatched by now.”

So, it’s possible that Anna is continuing to hide the fact that the baby has arrived. A source revealed that they saw Anna out with two of her children and that she didn’t look pregnant.

So, do you think this is enough proof that Anna Duggar already gave birth to her seventh child? Do you think that Jim Bob Duggar meant to break the news? Let us know in the comments section below.

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