‘Bringing Up Bates’ Star Lawson Bates Is Engaged To Tiffany Espensen

Lawson Bates Instagram (Bringing Up Bates, Tiffany Espensen)

The Bringing Up Bates family is growing! Lawson Bates and Tiffany Espensen are officially engaged. The couple shared their exciting news with fans and they seem to be looking forward to this next step in their relationship. Read on to get all of the details.

Bringing Up Bates Fans Look For Hints

Fans have been looking out for hints that Lawson and Tiffany might be getting engaged soon. The timing seemed right. Lawson’s brother Nathan just got married last weekend. The next Bates wedding is in December when Katie will marry Travis Clark. So, there’s a little break in the family events for Lawson and Tiffany to soak up the attention.

Right now, Tiffany and Lawson are in Italy with both sets of parents. So, it would be a good time for him to pop the question. Fans guessed he might be planning a romantic proposal in Italy.

On Wednesday, a photo of Tiffany wearing her engagement ring was posted online and quickly deleted, further fueling the speculation they might already be engaged.

Lawson Bates Instagram
Lawson Bates Instagram

Lawson Bates & Tiffany Espensen Are Engaged!

On Thursday morning, People exclusively revealed that Tiffany and Lawson are engaged! Shortly after, Tiffany shared the story on her Instagram stories.

Tiffany Espensen Instagram
Tiffany Espensen Instagram

“Getting to know Tiffany — her heart, her passions, and her dreams — has been the greatest joy of my life, and we have been making so many wonderful memories together over the past year,” Lawson told People. 

Lawson was able to keep the proposal a secret by saying they were going to Italy to shoot a music video.

“It has been a roller coaster of a few days so far, from our first stop at the Colosseum in Rome, to a Vespa ride through the Siena countryside, to a lovely evening dinner in San Gimignano, to a horse and carriage ride through Florence — all leading up to the main reason I’m here: asking Tiffany if she would spend the rest of her life by my side,” he said.

Bringing Up Bates Stars Gush Over Romantic Proposal

Though Lawson kept it a secret, Tiffany started to think something was going on. She told People, “I knew something was suspicious when Lawson became awfully secretive with texts and planning with others. However, he still blew me away with this surprise! To travel to Italy for any occasion is a dream, but especially for an engagement.”

“Our engagement happened right at sunset with just a few simple roses, and the serenity of the Tuscan backdrop. I was thrilled and overjoyed when she said, ‘YES!'” Lawson said. “We are so grateful God brought us both into each other’s lives, and now we are overjoyed and excited to start preparing for our wedding and our future together.”

“This country is so gorgeous, and I have no words for how excited I am to share a life with Lawson,” said Tiffany. “I am so grateful for how much effort he put into this engagement, from the ring to the beautiful setting and all of the coordinated details. This will always be a wonderful memory that Lawson and I will share forever. Most importantly, we thank God that He brought us together, and we look forward to sharing a life together in marriage!”

So, are you excited to hear that Lawson Bates and Tiffany Espensen are finally engaged? Do you hope to see more from the couple soon? Let us know in the comments below.

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