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’90 Day Day Fiance’: Syngin Says He And Big Ed Spin-Off?

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Season 2 of 90 Day: The Single Life is set to air next month on discovery+. Yet it appears cast members Syngin Colchester and Big Ed Brown may already have another spin-off in the works. Those familiar with 90 Day Fiance know the franchise thrives on spin-offs so this would not be unfounded.

Colchester and Brown’s History With 90 Day Fiance

Viewers first became familiar with Syngin in Season 7 of 90 Day. He appeared alongside his fiance, Tania Maduro. The two had met when she traveled to South Africa for another man. When this situation fell apart, she chose to enjoy her trip. That is when she met Syngin. It went so well, Tania stayed overseas for several months. He ended up moving back to Connecticut with her but it had its ups and downs.

Tania and Syngin of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After
Tania and Syngin of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After [Image @syngin_colchester/Instagram]
The couple’s living arrangements were not the best and Tania traveled a lot for long periods of time for work. Still, they got married and tried to make it work, appearing on a few seasons of Happily Ever After? Alas, the two failed as Tania was seen with other men. Syngin was rumored to be with other women but claimed they were just friends or influencers. They revealed they had separated this year. He will appear on 90 Day: The Single Life and try his hand at love along with Big Ed.

Credit: Big Ed IG
Credit: Big Ed IG

As for Ed, he was on Season 4 of Before the 90 Days alongside Rosemarie Vega from the Philippines. After being single for almost three decades, he did not know how to date and the relationship ended tragically. He came home, appearing on Season 1 of The Single Life. Ed met and fell in love with Liz Woods but rushed it and pushed her away. Now, he is giving it another shot.

Another Spin-Off?

Both Syngin and Big Ed are remaining optimistic by appearing in Season 2 of 90 Day: The Single Life. Syngin’s appearance confirmed his separation from Tania. However, fans were skeptical about Ed returning for another season. Why? He had seemingly just gotten engaged to former love, Liz before being announced as a cast member.

Will the relationship play out in the new season? That is yet to be seen but apparently, he has some more news to share and it involves Syngin. According to Instagram account 90daymeme, Syngin was out at a restaurant in Arizona with a lady. While being served, he told the waitress he was working on a spin-off with Big Ed.

Credit: 90daymeme IG
Credit: 90daymeme IG

Followers chimed in on their thoughts of this pairing: “I wouldn’t watch either of them.” Another added: “Darcey & Stacey male version.” Would you watch them in a spin-off or would you pass? Let us know in the comments below.

Don’t miss the Season 2 premiere of 90 Day: The Single Life on November 12th on discovery+.


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