Todd Chrisley Urges Chloe To Ditch Savannah & Nanny Faye

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Chrisley Knows Best patriarch Todd Chrisley urges Chloe to ditch Savannah and Nanny Faye. Keep reading to find out why and more.

Todd Chrisley Urges Chloe To Ditch Savannah & Nanny Faye

In a recent clip for Chrisley Knows Best fans learn that hanging out with Savannah and Nanny Faye Chrisley might not be in the best interest of Chloe, 9.

In the clip posted by Chrisley USA, it appears that Todd Chrisley is giving Chloe a geography lesson. It’s uncertain why Savannah and Nanny are present for this lesson, but they definitely make things memorable and entertaining.

In the beginning, Todd asks Chloe where she thinks Chicago is. Todd’s youngest points to somewhere in the northeast, likely New York. Savannah chimes in with, “No, that’s not it.”

Todd and Chloe Chrisley/Instagram
Instagram Todd Chrisley

Then, excitedly, she shouts “It’s that orange one!” From the looks of it, the Sassy by Savannah creator is referencing Pennsylvania.

When Todd seeks clarification, Nanny Faye claims that it’s Washington. This leaves Chloe looking confused.

To solve this problem Todd Chrisley gives Chloe the following instructions: “Chloe, honey, I want you to stop hanging around these two over here.”

Nanny Faye scratches the back of her head as she sums it all up to the fact that they get confused. Meanwhile, Savannah offers up some other advice. The former beauty queen says, “Chloe, you don’t have to actually know.” This seems to intrigue the elementary schooler.

Savannah’s geography advice boils down to this, “All you gotta do is jump on a plane and say ‘take me there.'”

Chrisley Knows Best - Savannah Chrisley - Chloe Chrisley
Instagram Savannah Chrisley

Fans Respond To Todd Chrisley’s Geography Lesson

Notably, there are mixed reviews for this Chrisley Knows Best clip. Some of the followers are hopeful that this is scripted. They also hope that Savannah isn’t “that stupid as portrayed on the show.”

Another comment reads, “I hope this was scripted and not real life. That was pathetic.”

However, there is a comment from a fan that relates to Todd Chrisley’s geography lesson. These comments read as follows: “This is still me… couldn’t tell ya where any state, other then a few, on a map is. Geography was never my strong suit.”

Even the caption for the clip is relatable. It reads, “Thankfully there are apps for this now.”

What do you think about Todd Chrisley and his geography lesson for Chloe? Check out the clip here. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Chrisley Knows Best news.

Don’t forget the Chrisleys have a new time. Tune in to USA Network Thursday nights at 8:30/7:30c for a new episode of Chrisley Knows Best. 


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