Mel C Speaks Out After Upsetting ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Elimination

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If you weren’t pleased with the elimination on Dancing With The Stars this week, you definitely weren’t alone. The internet lit up with complaints from fans that felt the judges made the wrong decision on Monday night. After a 2/2 split vote, Len Goodman broke the tie as the head judge and opted to save Olivia Jade and Val Chmerkovskiy over Mel C and Gleb Savchenko.

Many fans feel that Mel C and Gleb were cheated out of their spot on the show

Fans aren’t alone. Mel C also feels incredibly disappointed that she’s going home so early in the competition.

“Somebody’s got to go and sadly it was us,” Sporty Spice told Screen Rant. “It’s been all kinds of things, but Gleb’s been wonderful. I think I probably feel the most upset because I feel like I let him down, but we’ve had a really great time and I just wish it lasted a little bit longer.”

However, Gleb chimed in that Mel C definitely does not deserve to go home. He commented that he’s proud of all the progress she made on the show and feels that she still has a lot to give and prove.

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Gleb and Mel C’s time on DWTS might be over, but they aren’t parting ways. In fact, they hinted to Screen Rant that they might be collaborating on a project in the future.

“I think we should definitely do a music video,” Gleb joked in the interview, before getting a little more serious. “That would actually be really dope to like have you sing and do a contemporary dance.”

Sporty Spice seemed to be all for it.

Some insecurities may have led to the couple ending up in the bottom two

Each episode, the judges say that the competition on DWTS is very fierce this year. This is absolutely true. Hardly anyone felt that Mel C or Olivia Jade deserved to be in the bottom two.

However, Mel C admitted in the past she’s been struggling with blocks and insecurities. Perhaps fans were starting to pick up on those feelings.

“I get tense,” she recently told Parade just ahead of Disney Week. “That’s one of the biggest things that Gleb [Savchenko] and I try to work on is for me to relax. I’m capable of a lot as a dancer, but I just get myself all stressed out. So, I completely take that on board. I will continue to try to chill out a little bit.”

She also admitted that sometimes she feels that her age is catching up to her, even though she’s still pretty young at 47.

Now that Mel C and Gleb are gone, who will you cheer for? Dancing With The Stars returns for Horror Night on Monday. Don’t forget to watch!

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