Jim Bob Duggar Takes Majority Of Paul Caldwell’s Church In Latest Selfish Act

Duggar family Instagram, Caldwell Family Instagram (Jim Bob Duggar, Paul Caldwell)

Jim Bob Duggar and Paul Caldwell have reportedly been feuding, but few details have come out or been confirmed. Now, it looks like Jim Bob may have forced Paul’s congregation to leave the church. So, what exactly is going on?

For those who don’t know, Paul is the father of Kendra Caldwell Duggar. Kendra married Joe Duggar, and they now have three children. Paul is a pastor, and the Duggars previously attended his church. Jedidiah and Katey Duggar proved that they no longer attend Paul’s church, revealing that there was a split between Paul and Jim Bob.

Things recently went south between Jim Bob and Paul, but fans didn’t know why the two were feuding. Previously, Jim Bob was reportedly paying for a home for Paul and his family to live in, but with this drama, the Caldwells lost their home. They ended up moving into Joe and Kendra’s home.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, Duggar family YouTube
Duggar family YouTube

Jim Bob Duggar causes conflict at Paul Caldwell’s church.

A source recently revealed new details about the conflict between the Duggars and Caldwells. In a new Instagram post, Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball shared what a source close to the families has told her. According to the source, Jim Bob and Paul’s disagreement didn’t have anything to do with Josh’s latest scandal.

Katie writes, “However, the source said that the dispute allegedly started due to the church holding services despite a mandate by the governor in AR against large gatherings. The source believes that Jim Bob wanted Paul Caldwell to stop holding services, not because of Covid, but because he didn’t want the family to look like they were defying the mandate while Josh was under investigation.”

Caldwell Instagram
Caldwell Family Instagram

According to the source, Jim Bob didn’t mention the investigation. Those at the church knew that there was an investigation happening behind the scenes but didn’t know that it was about Josh. Katie reports, “Many suspected that it involved CP [child pornography] due to Josh’s long history.”

Then, Katie adds, “The source said that the Caldwells were following social distancing & using masks at church. They also said that Paul Caldwell verified with a senator with connections to the governor’s office to ensure they were in compliance. Despite those efforts, it apparently wasn’t enough. There were other issues that came up. But I’ll share that later. 85% of the church left with the Duggars. Which I told you last spring. The split destroyed Paul Caldwell. Apparently, the Duggars allegedly turned people against Paul Caldwell which ruined his reputation.”

This isn’t new for the Duggars, the source explained to Katie. Apparently, the Duggars run into conflict and end up leaving churches every few years.

Did Paul Caldwell work for Josh Duggar?

With Josh’s current scandal, fans and critics have wondered if Paul is one of the witnesses in the case. They thought he might have been employed at Josh’s car lot, which could explain the conflict. However, as the source explained, it doesn’t look like Josh has anything to do with this drama.

Katie adds, “The source said Paul Caldwell didn’t work for Josh Duggar. That Paul was not a witness to their knowledge & the fight was not about anything Josh did at the church.”

So, are you surprised to hear the latest news about Jim Bob Duggar and Paul Caldwell’s feud? What do you think happened between the two families? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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You can read Katie Joy’s full post here.

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  1. I’m sorry but I am so sick of hearing about Jim Bob and his total control of everyone! This is not normal! He is not God even though he thinks he is! Very sad family!

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