Justin Duggar’s Mother-In-Law Hilary Spivey Reveals His Bizarre Nickname

Hilary Spivey Instagram (Justin Duggar)

Since Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey tied the knot, the former Counting On star has gotten to know his mother-in-law Hilary very well. Even before Justin and Claire got married, he spent a lot of time in Texas with the Spiveys. Fans assume that Justin and Claire now live in Texas because they seem to see her family more than they see the Duggars.

Recently, Hilary has seemingly taken some of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s other children under her wing. Jason Duggar, in particular, seems to be close with Hilary. Now, she’s proving just how comfortable she is with her new son-in-law.

Justin Duggar Gets To Work On Big Project

As we previously reported, Justin and Claire purchased a home in Texas. At the time they purchased it, it was unclear whether they were planning to live in the house themselves or flip it. Now, it looks like they are renovating it and hoping to turn a profit, according to a social media post from Hilary.

In her new Instagram story post on Monday, Hilary revealed that she and a few of her children met Justin at the new property. She said they went to help him load up trash at the “flipper house.” It looks like Justin has a lot of brothers and sisters-in-law to help make this process easier.

Justin Duggar House Instagram
Justin Duggar Instagram

Hilary Spivey Reveals Son-In-Law’s Nickname

Though Hilary’s post is primarily about helping Justin at the new property, she reveals some pretty interesting information in the post. Claire’s mother writes, “Quick stop to help Duddy load the dump trailer at his flipper house!”

Immediately, Duggar family critics took to Reddit to discuss the great reveal of Justin’s mother-in-law’s nickname for him. They think it’s both hilarious and strange. Some Duggar Snarks recall that the family previously called Justin “Juddy,” which at least makes a little more sense with his first name. One user writes, “I guess it’s her own spin on it?” Someone else chimes in, “She probably misheard ‘Juddy’ and no one dared correct her.”

Others think the little kids in the Duggar family may not have known how to pronounce Justin, resulting in “Juddy” and “Duddy” as nicknames. Someone else points out this could just be a “thing” in the south, writing, “Sometimes in the south they just call boys weird names that stick.” The Duggars are from Arkansas and the Spiveys live in Texas.
Hilary Spivey Instagram

So, what do you think of the nickname “Duddy?” Do you agree that it’s strange, or do you think it makes sense? Let us know in the comments below.

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