Jason Duggar Ditches His Own Mom Michelle For Justin’s MIL Hilary Spivey

Hilary Spivey Instagram, Duggar Fam Instagram (Jason Duggar)

Throughout the past few months, Jason Duggar has been getting to know his brother Justin’s mother-in-law Hilary Spivey. Fans may remember that Justin and Claire got hitched in February. Since then, several of the Duggar men have flocked toward Hilary, and it’s unclear why. Now, Jason is spending even more time with Claire’s mom. So, what’s going on?

Jason Duggar Instagram
Jason Duggar Instagram

Jason Duggar Spends Even More Time With Hilary Spivey

As we’ve reported, the Duggars, Spiveys, and many other families gathered in Texas to attend the ALERT Family Camp. In some of the photos from the event, Hilary and Jason are spending time together. He appears to be very comfortable with his brother’s mother-in-law. In one photo, it looks like the two are enjoying a meal together beside Claire and Justin. Could he be ditching his own mom Michelle Duggar for Hilary instead?

Hilary Spivey Instagram
Hilary Spivey Instagram

Duggar Snarks Think He’s Trying To Replace Michelle

On Reddit, Duggar family critics are discussing possible reasons for Jason becoming so close with his brother’s mother-in-law. There seems to be one common explanation, though it hasn’t been confirmed by the Duggars themselves. One user writes, “I think those kids need a ‘Mom’ since Michelle can’t do it. So the kids flock to her. But I also think she ‘secretly’ enjoys it because the Duggars are now in a down fall.”

Another adds, “I honestly wonder if Jason is in the same spot as Justin, where he doesn’t have the greatest relationship with their parents and Justin has been helping him by hosting him a lot. It would make more sense if he just gets a lot more appreciation from the Spiveys or if he and Justin commiserate more together about their parents/family.”

Some users point out that this could be really good for Jason, who may not have gotten enough love from his own parents. Being one of 19 kids meant he had to share the attention and might have missed out on some important bonding moments as a result. Sometimes, Jason and the brothers around his age are referred to as the “lost boys” because they may be forgotten easily by their parents.

Another user adds, “I wonder if this grinds Michelle’s gears? Or does she not even notice?” They continue, “Maybe she’s [Hilary] actually supplying him with parental attention and affection for the first time in his life.”

So, do you think there’s something going on between Jason Duggar and his mom Michelle? Or do you think that he’s just become close with the Spivey family over the years? Let us know in the comments below.

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