‘Bringing Up Bates’: Kelly Jo Shares Touching Tribute To Husband Gil

Bates Family Instagram (Bringing Up Bates)

Bringing Up Bates mom Kelly Jo shared a special social media update dedicated to her husband Gil recently. In her post, she talks about the many reasons she admires Gil, especially in his role as a pastor of their family’s church. Fans of the family’s show know about the Bates family’s religious beliefs and how much their faith means to them. So, Kelly was quick to take an opportunity to shout out her husband for his hard work as a pastor.

Kelly Jo Bates Instagram
Kelly Jo Bates Instagram

Bringing Up Bates star Kelly Jo dedicates a sweet post to her husband.

On her Instagram stories, Kelly Jo shared a special post on Pastor Appreciation Day. She shared a photo of herself and her husband. In one post, she wrote, “Thank you to our sweet church family for making Gil feel so special on Pastor Appreciation Day.” In her post, she doesn’t reveal how the church congregation decided to celebrate Gil. Maybe, Kelly will share another update with pictures from the celebration.

Then, Kelly uploaded a second slide from Pastor Appreciation Day. She sweetly wrote, “You’re my FAVORITE preacher (& not just because you’re my husband). You’re sincere; you’re real; you’re faithful; you’re wise; you’re loving; you’re godly; you’re my hero.” On the second slide, she included a photo of Gil, as well as several pictures of them together.

At this point, Kelly hasn’t shared a post on her main Instagram feed, and her stories are only available to view for 24 hours. Fans also cannot reply to stories publicly, but they can message her back privately. So it’s unclear what kind of response fans sent after reading her stories. But based on fans’ typical responses to Kelly’s posts, it’s safe to assume that they love these tribute posts just as much. The Bates family appears to have a very loyal fanbase.

Batesfam Instagram
Batesfam Instagram

Where is Gil a pastor?

For those who may not know, Gil is a pastor at the Bible Baptist Church of East Tennessee. It’s located in Andersonville, Tennessee. Bringing Up Bates fans know that most of the family lives in Tennessee, however, not all of Gil and Kelly’s children attend the same church. It’s unclear why some of them go to different churches, but they might simply select new churches after getting married and starting their own families.

So, what do you think of Kelly Jo’s post about Gil? Do you love updates from the Bringing Up Bates family? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Love this family! I am so disappointed that UP TV cancelled their show at the last minute. In my opinion that was an extremely bad business decision, and I believe they will see what a mistake they have made.
    I look forward to seeing all the things this family will be doing on their individual posts. I also love the Sunday church service. Since we have been limited in being able to go anywhere in person we have enjoyed attending the Bible Baptist Church in East Tennessee by live streaming. It has really been a blessing.

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