‘Bringing Up Bates’: Did Kelly Just Admit She Has A Favorite Kid?!

UPtv, Bringing Up Bates

Bringing Up Bates stars Kelly and Gil share 19 kids, and fans have enjoyed getting to know each of their children over the years. Thanks to their UPtv show and social media, fans have seen who each of the kids is and have watched them grow. While fans may pick favorites when it comes to the Bates family, it comes as a surprise that Kelly would. However, in a new post, she seems to admit that she has a favorite child. So, what happened?

Over the weekend, Isaiah Bates celebrated his 17th birthday. In the post his mom shared about him, she hints that he’s her favorite. She shared a few snaps of the family including pictures of the birthday boy.

UPtv, Bringing Up Bates

Kelly gushes over her ‘perfect’ son, Isaiah.

In the caption of her post this weekend, Kelly admits that Isaiah is the “perfect” kid. In her other kids’ birthday posts, she hasn’t referred to them as “perfect.” So, is this a sign that Kelly’s favorite child is Isaiah?

She writes, “Happy late 17th Birthday, Isaiah! I’m a day late, partly because of wedding prep for Nate & Esther, and partly because I always wonder how to describe the ‘perfect’ kid! Seriously, it’s true!”

Then, she continues, sharing a bit about who he is. She writes, “I wish that every family could have an ‘Isaiah,’ & if I could’ve had another boy, I would’ve wanted him to be just like you: easy-going, polite, eager to do anything that’s ever asked (no matter how difficult or inconvenient), always encouraging, funny, spiritual minded, quiet, gentle, thoughtful, never angry, never unkind, loyal, hard working, wise with his words & attitude, patient, self-disciplined, admired, & very much loved by everyone!”

The Bringing Up Bates mom adds, “You’ve made me feel beautiful, loved, accepted, encouraged, & blessed from the time you were toddling around saying, ‘Mom, you’re so pretty!’ and showering me with hugs! You’ve never stopped being a HUGE bright spot in my life! I look at you with great respect & with much gratitude.”

Batesfam Instagram
Batesfam Instagram

Bringing Up Bates fans celebrate Isaiah’s big day.

In the comments section of her post, fans are commenting to wish Isaiah a happy birthday. They can’t believe how fast he’s growing up, and they’re excited to see what’s next for the young man.

Fortunately, fans don’t seem to be too concerned with Kelly’s description of Isaiah. Many of them appreciate her long, personalized posts about each of her kids on their birthdays.

So, what do you think of Kelly’s post about Isaiah on his birthday? Do you think he’s actually her favorite son? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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