Abbie & John Duggar’s Mushy Fall Tribute Has Instagram Swooning

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Former Counting On stars Abbie and John Duggar shared a special Instagram post about the new fall season. The couple’s post has fans gushing over the sweet little family, including their nearly two-year-old daughter Gracie. Check out the new photos and see fans’ responses to the adorable post.

John & Abbie Duggar Instagram (Counting On)
John & Abbie Duggar Instagram

Abbie And John Duggar Make A Rare Instagram Appearance.

Abbie and John don’t share on Instagram very often, so fans are always eager to see their new pictures whenever they hop online. Fortunately, on Saturday morning, Abbie and John posted a couple of fall family photos to their shared Instagram account. Because both of their names are on their account, fans don’t know who actually shares the posts. But based on the language and emoji usage, they feel like Abbie is probably responsible for the account rather than John.

In a new post, John and Abbie wrote, “I love 🍁falling🍁for you! 🥰” They also shared a coupon code for the store where Abbie bought her dress. It looks like she may have some kind of partnership with them. 

John is wearing a tan suit jacket with a plaid button-down shirt. Abbie has donned a beautiful fall floral dress and has her hair half-up. Little Gracie is in a cute denim dress with a headband in her hair and stylish boots on her feet.

One photo features the whole family, while the second snap is just of the mom and daughter.

Abbie and John Duggar Instagram
Abbie and John Duggar Instagram
Abbie and John Duggar Instagram
Abbie and John Duggar Instagram

Counting On Fans Swoon Over The New Family Photos.

In response to the new photos John and Abbie uploaded, they are getting lots of love from fans. Their followers often admit that Gracie is their favorite Duggar grandchild, though they think all of them are adorable.

One fan writes, “Little Gracie is cute❤️” Others call them a “beautiful family” or say that the new pictures are “so sweet!” Lots of fans also adore Abbie’s new dress, and one of her followers writes, “I LOVE that dress ❤️ Gracie looks so big! Gorgeous ☺️🥰” 

One fan left a heartfelt message about the little family, writing, “You’re my favourite couple John and Abbie. You’re both so cute together. Love your little family. God bliss your little fam❤️”

It’s safe to say that this new Instagram post was a huge success for John and Abbie. Only an hour after it was posted, they had received over 13,000 likes and plenty of comments too.

Fans hope to see more updates from the family soon. However, they respect that they don’t want to post too much online, which makes the photos that they do share even better.

So, what do you think of John and Abbie Duggar’s sweet fall tribute? Are you obsessed with the new pictures too? Do you wish that John and Abbie shared more updates with fans? Let us know in the comments section below.

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