Cheryl Burke Admits She’s Struggling With COVID-19 Related After Effects

Cheryl Burke from Instagram

It’s been a rough competition season for Cheryl Burke. After sitting out for two episodes due to COVID-19, she made it back to perform in person with her partner Cody Rigsby. She may not be contagious any longer, but the 37-year-old admitted she isn’t back to full health yet.

Cheryl Burke is struggling to get back to her powerful self following her battle with COVID-19

If you caught the Disney Week episodes, you probably didn’t even notice a difference in Cheryl Burke’s energy levels. But she assures us that she’s still really winded.

“When people say they are fatigued or have brain fog, it’s a real thing,” the two-time Mirrorball Champion told HELLO! “It just felt like the first stages of the flu and it turned into losing my taste and smell which soon came back – but it was once I started getting my heart rate up, that’s when I could feel [the COVID effects].”

“When we went live Monday at 5 PM I was totally fine to do it that once, but it’s the back to back to back of rehearsals [that’s hard] for me,” she added.

And Cody and Cheryl had twice as many routines to do this week too. On Monday they performed a Jive to “Stand Out” from A Goofy Movie and on Tuesday they performed a Viennese waltz to “Gaston” from Beauty and the Beast.

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They received pretty average marks from the judges for both their routines. But America’s votes kept them out of the bottom.

Cheryl confided to HELLO! that if she had to perform five more Jives in a row, she would probably rethink her position on the show. That would definitely take a toll on her!

Fans rejoice that the pair are back in the competition after a two-week absence

Fans are mostly just happy that Cheryl Burke and Cody Rigsby are back in the ballroom. Things for pretty nerve-wracking there for a while. For two weeks in a row, the judges had to critique and score virtual performances from the duo. And needless to say, virtual performances just don’t quite have as much star power.

Throughout her diagnosis, Cheryl shared updates with her fans on Instagram.

“We’re still rehearsing via Zoom as we speak,” she updated everyone ahead of Disney Week. “We’ve got two dances. … You will see us both back in the ballroom Monday and Tuesday night. I’m so excited. We’ve got lots of work to do.”

This Monday night, the remaining contestants will compete in fun Grease-themed routines. Be sure to tune into ABC and catch all the action on the next episode of Dancing With The Stars!

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