Jenna Johnson Dishes On Starting A Family With Val Chmerkovskiy

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Could another Dancing With The Stars baby be on the way? Jenna Johnson has said in the past that she and her husband Val Chmerkovskiy definitely want children. But according to Jenna, “timing is everything.”

Val Chmerkovskiy and Jenna Johnson are busy with their Dancing With The Stars schedule

For starters, it’s not exactly easy to think about family planning when you and your husband both compete on a show like Dancing With The Stars. As the season continues, Val and Jenna both have to put all their time and energy into the competition. They’re very much happy and in love, but marriage during competition season is rough.

Oh, and they can’t live together while they’re competing either.

“It was a challenge for us to find a good balance of work life and home life because we were constantly talking about work, and this was a few years ago and so we really pushed ourselves to finish work at the door, come home and just be humans, just be a married couple,” Jenna told Us Weekly in an exclusive interview. “Obviously, [this] season [it] has been a little bit easier to do that because we can’t live together because of COVID.”

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Knowing all this information, it’s easy to see why a baby isn’t at the top of their priority list right now. But even, so the couple hopes they will make it happen one day.

“We’ve always wanted a family,” the 27-year-old dancer recently told Us Weekly. “Timing is everything.”

The couple has plenty of other children to enjoy at the moment

Although parenthood isn’t quite yet in the cards for Val and Jenna, they have no shortage of little ones in their lives to enjoy. Jenna constantly posts photos of her friends’ and family’s little ones on Instagram. And she and Val are aunt and uncle to 4-year-old Shai Chmerkovskiy, the son of Maks Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd.

But from the looks of things, Jenna and Val are going to make pretty stellar parents someday.

Jenna Johnson/Instagram

In the past, the So You Think You Can Dance alum admitted she had baby fever — and that’s probably still a little bit true. Jenna is best friends with her castmates, Witney Carson and Lindsay Arnold. Both women took Season 29 off for maternity leave. They’re both back on the set now and Jenna is getting her fill of baby time.

“To see them as moms, working moms, and to get some of their baby snuggles is so fun,” Jenna told Us Weekly. “It’s been great to have them in the ballroom.”

When Jenna and Val are ready to share their future family plans with us, they’ll let us know. In the meantime, you can catch both of them in the ballroom tonight on ABC. Don’t miss out on Disney Night! We can’t wait to see how all the fun routines turn out.

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