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OUCH!!! ‘OutDaughtered’ Aunt KiKi Gets Injured After Latest Workout


OutDaughtered star Aunt KiKi gets injured after her latest workout. Like her sister, Danielle Busby, it seems that Crystal Mills has taken up CrossFit. Keep reading to find out more.

OUCH!!! OutDaughtered Aunt KiKi Gets Injured After Workout

Aunt Kiki takes to her Instagram Stories to share an injury. From the looks of it, she got a pretty gnarly rope burn while rope climbing. Assumably, she did this while doing a CrossFit workout. This is because she tags Crossfit Kemah in her story too.

OutDaughtered Aunt Kiki feature
Instagram Crystal Mills

The Busby quints’ aunt isn’t the only OutDaughtered star that gets injured during workouts. TV Shows Ace recently reports that their dad, Adam Busby got an injury too. Adam shares on his Instagram that he “learned a fun lesson” because he didn’t swap out his metal wedding band for a silicone one. So, he sports a bloody blister on his palm as the consequence.

OutDaughtered Aunt Kiki Crystal Mills
Instagram Crystal Mills

Notably, Uncle Dale, Aunt Kiki’s husband, doesn’t miss the opportunity to pick on his brother-in-law. OutDaughtered fans favorite uncle writes, “Rookie mistake…” Adam even recounts how Danielle made sure to “attack him with a spray bottle of peroxide.”

OutDaughtered Uncle Dale rookie mistake embed
Instagram: Dale Mills, Adam Busby

The Sisters Have Crossfit In Common

It seems like CrossFit might be a family affair when it comes to the OutDaughtered bunch. TV Shows Ace also reports on Danielle Busby spending some time at the CrossFit gym. Recently, Adam Busby goes on his Instagram Stories to sing his wife’s praises. Buzz calls Danielle a beast. Also, he shares that (at the time) she’s been doing CrossFit workouts for about a week. Not only that but she’s made great progress with her lifts. Essentially, the mother of six is learning as she goes and doing really well with her workouts.

It’s no surprise that Danielle Busby and Crystal Mills would be doing CrossFit workouts. This is because they have CADi Fitness. CADi Fitness is a “Fitness Apparel Line and was created from our Stron and ‘i’ndependent Women driven hearts.” The message of CADi fitness is to “inspire all women any shape or size to be comfortable in their own skin because of (various reasons).”

OutDaughtered Crystal Mills Aunt Kiki
Instagram Danielle Busby

Does it surprise you to see Aunt Kiki doing CrossFit like Adam and Danielle Busby? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more OutDaughtered news.

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