‘BIP’ Drama Continues As Demi Burnett Feuds With Anna Redman & Mykenna Dorn

Demi Burnett, Mykenna Dorn, Anna Redman

The drama continues after Bachelor in Paradise. Demi Burnett is known as the pot-stirrer and several contestants have noted they are even kind of scared of her. They even actually had her stirring a pot in the opening credits. However, some of the contestants aren’t afraid to stand up for themselves. Anna Redman and Mykenna Dorn proved this when they started some finale night drama with Demi. What went down?

Demi Burnett feuds with fellow castmates

Demi Burnett, also known as Demi-God, was tweeting during finale night of Bachelor in Paradise. She tweeted a photo of Anna and had the caption, “Anna is entertaining James for roses #BachelorInParadise.”

Recall, when Anna appeared on The Bachelor that she had been spreading rumors about another contestant working as an escort. Needless to say, Anna was sent home.

Anna didn’t like Demi’s tweet about her at all. She responded saying, “I can see one of us grew up and the other didn’t.”

Demi also replied, “Awww just a joke Anna!!!!! It was hilarious I couldn’t help myself.”

Then, another BIP contestant chimed in. Mykenna Dorn said, “I didn’t find it funny at all.”

Demi once again commented saying, “You’re not my audience.” She also included a clown emoji.

Mykenna piped back with, “really Demi???”

What happened to all of them on the finale?

Demi Burnett left the beach single this time around. Remember, last season Demi got engaged to another woman. However, their engagement ended just a few months later.

Anna Redman is single. In fact, she made a funny TikTok about it all. She made it clear she was single while also putting a plugin for herself by announcing her cup size and that she is on birth control.


It’s just so sad 🙁 (and I’m newly single)

♬ original sound – Justin Foster

She really did seem hurt when James decided to break up with her on the beach. Of course, in a hilarious moment, James and Aaron left the beach together in true bromance style.

Mykenna Dorn is also single. She did reluctantly go on a date with Ed after Aaron Clancy shot her down. However, after realizing she had a good time with Ed and he gave her a rose, she broke up with him before leaving Paradise. 

So far, she’s not found anyone else since leaving the beach.

The three ladies in this feud are all single following the Bachelor in Paradise finale.

What did you think about the finale? Are you happy with the engagements?

Stay tuned for more updates!



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