Jana Duggar Does It Again, Makes Her Own Fashion Statement

Jana Duggar Instagram

Jana Duggar is once again showing off her style. She recently attended an event and shared a few photos on social media, revealing that she made a fashion statement there.

In a new Instagram post, Jana writes, “A few snapshots from the @g3conference in Atlanta. Blessed by the great preaching, worship, and conversations this week!” Jana was there with some other family members and friends. Her best friend Laura DeMasie is in one photo, and she posed with Ben and Jessa Seewald in another.

Jana Duggar Instagram
Jana Duggar Instagram

Because this was a multi-day event, Jana had several opportunities to show off her style. In the first snap, she is wearing a dress with a cardigan, as fans would suspect. But on another day of the event, the former Counting On star is rocking black skinny jeans, a tee-shirt, a cardigan, and sandals.

Fans are shocked by Jana’s appearance because of the Duggar family’s modesty rules. As fans know, the family believes women should dress modestly by wearing skirts or dresses.

Jana Duggar Instagram
Jana Duggar Instagram

Jana Duggar proves she’s different from her sisters.

Over the years, as some of the Duggar women have gotten married, they have also started wearing pants. Fans believe this is because their husbands get to make the rules now, meaning that they don’t need to continue following their parents’ modesty guidelines. Jinger Vuolo has even worn short shorts with tank tops.

However, Jana is not married but has started wearing pants. The former TLC star is 31 years old and is still searching for her spouse. So, it looks like she has made the choice to wear pants for herself. She also still lives at her parents’ home, so it’s unclear how this decision was handled there.

Jana appears to have more independence than her sisters, and it could be because she’s older. She seems to be moving away from some of her parents’ rules. During a recent trip to Las Vegas, Jana posted a few photos, revealing that she has started wearing pants. It wasn’t a one-time thing, it seems, so fans can look forward to seeing Jana in pants again soon.

So, what do you think of Jana Duggar’s fashion statement? Are you surprised to see her wearing pants while she still lives at her parents’ home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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