Will Olivia Jade’s Parents Make A ‘DWTS’ Appearance This Season?

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Olivia Jade wants to be remembered as a social media influencer. However, her famous parents made her well-known for another reason. After the 2018 college admissions scandal, Full House actress Lori Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli served time for trying to bribe their daughters’ way into college.

Now, one question is burning in everyone’s minds. Will Olivia Jade’s parents make appearances on Dancing With The Stars this year?

According to an interview with E!, it’s entirely possible. Catch the interview here and see what the young influencer has to say:


Olivia Jade is earnestly trying to put her past behind her

Right now, Olivia Jade hopes she can show a different side of herself on Dancing With The Stars this year. She’s admitted in the past she isn’t proud of the college admissions scandal and just wants to move forward.

Many people feel that the influencer’s famous parents were largely to blame and that Olivia Jade wasn’t fully aware of the situation. But even so, she hopes they will make an appearance and watch her compete this year.

“I would love for them to come,” the 22-year-old said. “They have really taken over dog duty for me. They have been really great dog grandparents at the moment, but hopefully, if I stick around, they’ll come to a show. I want to make them proud.”

Ukrainian dancer Val Chmerkovskiy competes with Olivia Jade this year and the two are making remarkable progress. She previously admitted that ballroom dancing was proving to be quite the challenge, but she and Val manage to score well each week.

Olivia Jade/Instagram

We’ve seen hints that Val wasn’t completely sold on his DWTS partner at first, but it really seems like he’s changed his mind. He’s supported her in many interviews and also seems happy with their progress.

Other DWTS cast members are happy to have the young influencer on the set

It seems like most of the Dancing With The Stars cast really has Olivia Jade’s back. Even producer and hostess Tyra Banks defended the 22-year-old ahead of the season premiere. 

“I think Olivia is so brave. I think people don’t know her, they know what happened to her,” Tyra said in an exclusive interview with ET. “She has said that she did not know about what was going on and it’s really sad, and it’s very hurtful when something publicly happens but you had nothing to do with it. So I trust that she says she didn’t know.”

“She is having to deal with that and I think she’s coming to Dancing With the Stars to be able to tell her story and show her vulnerability,” Tyra continued. “And is she a celebrity? Not traditionally, but what is a celebrity today? If that’s the case then there’s no Instagram influencer that is a celebrity. We are in a whole different world and celebrity has taken a turn and a change.”

Are you excited to watch Val and Olivia Jade compete together? Don’t forget to vote if you want to keep them in the competition. DWTS returns for Britney Night on October 4. Get excited!

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