Meri Brown Makes Bold Statement, As She Moves Forward Full Steam

Sister Wives Meri Brown

Sister Wives star Meri Brown shares some insight into some of her decisions in a recent Instagram post. Keep reading to find out more about Meri’s bold statement.

Sister Wives star Meri Brown shares her thoughts on LuLaRoe

Meri Brown takes to Instagram to share details about an important milestone in her life- joining Lularoe. Interestingly enough, this comes after the four-part docuseries Lularich. The docuseries shows what life is like for the multi-level marketing clothing line. While some describe LuLaRoe as “very culty,” it seems that Meri hasn’t seen that side of the clothing company.

The Sister Wives star starts her lengthy caption with, “Five years into my journey with @LuLaRoe and I couldn’t be happier.” According to Meri, this opportunity allows her to find happiness, serve others, and make amazing friends. She shares that she’s even made friends outside of the United States.

Next, Meri Brown poses a question for herself. She asks, “why didn’t I get involved with the company sooner?” Then, she recounts meeting DeAnne Brady Stidham. DeAnne happens to be the President and Founder of LuLaRoe. According to the TLC stars post, she knew DeAnne before LuLaRoe was even a company. Consequently, it seems like Meri feels like this is an example of one of those things where “everything happens for a reason.”

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Instagram Meri Brown

More about her decision

Then, Meri shares more details about her decision to join LuLaRoe. “I know in my heart that the timing for me to find LuLaRoe and get involved at the time I did was right for me, for my well-being, and for my healing.”

From the sounds of what Meri Brown writes next, it seems like being a part of LuLaRoe is therapeutic for her. According to her caption, LuLaRoe, “helped me heal, helped me find peace and joy, helped me discover the ME I have always been, and who I, at times, was hiding from and it feels good to be at peace…”

In conclusion, Kody Brown’s first wife shares some of the admirable qualities she likes about LuLaRoe. She says that she is “loud and proud.” Not only that but Meri shares that she’s “grateful to have a company like this to be involved with, a company flooded with women and men who lift each other up, a company that wants to see me succeed, a company whose owners pray for each one of us daily, a company of integrity.”

Almost like a dig at someone, Meri writes, “I’m not going anywhere, LuLaRoe isn’t going anywhere, we’re here for the long haul, and happy about it!”


Sister Wives Meri Brown
Instagram Meri Brown

What do you think about Meri Brown and her lengthy post about LuLaRoe? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives news.

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  1. Love Meri! I always knew she was a rose bud hidden away in a box. Once the lid came off the box, she blossomed into the most beautiful rose – maybe even more than she realized she could be – in full bloom! No woman or man should ever share their spouse with another person – spouse or not. I could say much more on that but will just suffice it to say that Meri knew who God and herself needed her to be. Glad she is on a beautiful journey now. A journey she deserves to be on. Only a beautiful life from here on in! Love you, Meri.

  2. His other three wives should take a lead from Meri and kick his A to the curb. Each one of them are to good for the likes of him. They only thing he is good at is being able to get women to fall for him. Each one of theses women are smart and perfectly capable of making it without him. Probably better.

  3. Does anyone suspect that maybe LLR compensated Meri in someway for that post? LLR took a lot of heat the last couple of years. Having someone like Meri, who has a large IG following, and is a friend of many years with the founder just makes me suspicious that her post was not entirely spontaneous.

  4. If Mary is so happy with that scam of a clothing company, perhaps she would like to donate her earnings to the women who invested in it.

    I also predict the family will fall apart within 6 months after the end of the series. They are dependent upon the financial gains of the show. Without that income they will fall apart

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