Impressed Jeremy Vuolo Gawks At Wife Jinger In Tank Top And Shorts

Jeremy Vuolo Instagram

Former Counting On star Jeremy Vuolo recently shared a new photo of his wife Jinger Duggar. In the snap, he’s obviously gawking at her as she works out in a tank top and shorts.

Lately, Jinger has been showing off her body in more revealing clothing than she’s worn before. Fans are surprised to see that the Duggar daughter has ditched her family’s strict beliefs and is now dressing how she wants to.

In addition to dressing differently, Jinger has started working out, which she often posts about on social media. During her latest workout session, someone was watching her. And it looks like her audience was pretty impressed by her fitness routine.

Jinger Vuolo Instagram
Jinger Vuolo Instagram

Jeremy Vuolo shows off his wife Jinger’s body.

On his Instagram stories, Jeremy posted a photo of Jinger working out. In the snap, Jinger is wearing a tank top, shorts, and tennis shoes as she holds two dumbbells. A koala stuffed animal is sitting in front of her, likely placed there by her three-year-old daughter Felicity. It looks like she was working out in the couple’s Los Angeles home.

In the caption of his post, Jeremy writes, “Mr. Koala & I are very impressed.” He also tagged Jinger in the post.

Later Jinger reposted the photo on her own Instagram stories, laughing at the picture. She also said, “Thanks, guys!”

Jinger Vuolo Instagram
Jinger Vuolo Instagram

Jinger Vuolo reveals her fitness progress.

In a new Instagram post, Jinger showed off her workout progress. The Duggar daughter is standing outside near her Los Angeles home wearing a red tee-shirt with athletic shorts. Her hair is up in a ponytail and she’s not wearing any makeup, so it looks like she’s heading out for a run or just finished. She simply wrote, “Happy Wednesday” as she smiled for the camera.

In the comments section of Jinger’s post, fans are cheering her on. They think she looks great, and they’re glad she’s taking care of herself. Fans are commenting about how healthy and happy she looks in the new photo. However, some fans are concerned that she might be working out too much or not eating enough.

Jinger Vuolo Instagram
Jinger Vuolo Instagram

So, what do you think of Jeremy Vuolo’s snap of Jinger working out? Are you impressed by her fitness as well? Let us know in the comments below.

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