Is Kendra Duggar Strapped For Cash After ‘Counting On’ Cancelation?

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As Duggar fans know, TLC recently canceled Counting On, leaving some of the family members, including Joe and Kendra, searching for ways to pay the bills. For years, the Duggar family has been on TLC and has been able to bring in a good amount of money from simply giving fans a peek into their lives. But now, in response to Josh Duggar’s latest child pornography scandal, those days have come to an end.

After the show was canceled, Jessa Seewald began using her YouTube channel more heavily. Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo have pursued several business ventures, and fans think they are trying to make more money. Abbie Duggar started selling used clothing online. Now, it looks like Kendra is trying to bring in some money.

For those who don’t know, Joe and Kendra have three young kids, Garrett, Addison, and Brooklyn. Fans know that it can’t be easy to provide for so many little ones, so the couple has to be making money somehow. So, does this mean Kendra is going broke without the Duggar family’s show to help her out?

Joe and Kendra Duggar Instagram
Joe and Kendra Duggar Instagram

Kendra Duggar picks up an advertising gig.

As we reported, Kendra recently attended a children’s consignment sale with her mom, Christina Caldwell. Over the years, many of the Duggar women have attended this sale to stock up on baby and children’s items. Fans think this could be a sign that Kendra is preparing for her fourth child.

While Kendra was shopping, she posted about the sale on social media. When she got home, she posted a few videos showing off the items she purchased.

Kendra Duggar Instagram
Kendra Duggar Instagram

On Reddit, Duggar family snarks are talking about Kendra’s posts about the sale. They think it’s interesting that she’s promoting that sale, and they wonder if she’s making money by posting about it. One user is familiar with the sale and gives some insight into the possible advertising process.

They write, “I used to shop at a Rhea Lana and they gave out extra percent discount coupons for people who publicized the sale ahead of time. For someone of Kendra’s regional ‘fame’ I wouldn’t be surpised if she also got some gift cards to use as well. It’s very much a small mom- owned franchise business that only has events twice a year so their pockets aren’t too deep.”

Another adds, “Anyway it was suspected the Duggars get free tickets into the presale for advertising and probably plus a percentage off.”

So, do you think Joe and Kendra Duggar might be going broke since Counting On was canceled? Or do you think they’re simply promoting the consignment shop because they enjoyed it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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