Amy King Pregnant Again?! Duggar Cousin Responds To Rumors

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Duggar cousin Amy King has had enough of the pregnancy rumors, and she’s decided to say something about them. In a new social media post, Amy shared a sweet video from a family photo shoot featuring herself, her husband Dillon, and their almost two-year-old son Daxton. Daxton is Dillon and Amy’s only child, but fans have wondered if she will be pregnant again soon.

After fans watched the video, they began asking if Amy is pregnant. One fan writes, “Do I spy a little baby bump?!? ❤️❤️❤️” Someone else asks, “When is the baby due?” 

Plenty of other comments are rolling in from fans who thought they saw Amy cradling a baby bump in the video. So, now she has something to say to all of her followers.

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Amy King clarifies whether she’s pregnant.

A day after posting the video on her Instagram page, she wrote a longer comment about the rumors. She wrote:

“I see how people could and would automatically think I’m pregnant bc I did grab the lower part of my dress… but that’s just because my dress got stuck in my heels! but I’m not pregnant and we aren’t actively trying. Pregnancy, and then breastfeeding for almost 2 years and vertigo for 8 months and then all the covid shut down and stress for 3130 was ALOT. And that’s ok to admit. Good thing God gave me some thick skin. These comments. Wow.”

She also shared a couple of posts on her Instagram stories, calling out the people who assume that she’s pregnant. She writes, “Can a girl not wear a maxi dress anymore without assuming? I’ve got my hands full right now!”

Amy King Instagram Stories

So, based on Amy’s response, it’s pretty clear that a baby isn’t in her near future. She and Dillon seem to be happy and content with their son Daxton. While Amy is related to the Duggars, she’s made it obvious that she isn’t like the rest of her family members. She doesn’t follow their same strict rules for how to dress and doesn’t seem to be interested in having as many children as possible.

You can see the video Amy shared here.

So, what do you think of Amy King’s reaction to all of the pregnancy rumors? Do you think all of the speculations are ridiculous? Let us know in the comments below.

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