‘BIP’ Brendan Morais Reportedly Fired From NordicTrack, Why?

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It looks like Brendan Morais is suffering even more consequences for his comments on Bachelor in Paradise. New reports are surfacing that Brendan has not only lost over 100k followers on social media, he’s also losing sponsorships. He’s apparently lost his job with NordicTrack amid the BIP drama. The question is, what exactly prompted this move by the company?

Brendan Morais reportedly fired from NordicTrack

Everything seems to be going wrong for Bachelor in Paradise contestant Brendan Morais. He and Pieper James faced criticism for multiple reasons. One reason was having a conversation on camera about how many Instagram followers they gained.

According to The Sun, Brendan has been fired from NordicTrack. Apparently, the company did not like the “sexist” comments made by Brendan on BIP. The remarks were made towards Natasha Parker.

A source for NordicTrack said, “NordicTrack is no longer doing business with Brendan and any further business plans have been terminated.” They continued saying, “His behavior does not align with the brand’s values.”

The partnership with NordicTrack was one of the few Brendan had in place.

Just last month he shared a video of himself working out on the machine. He captioned the video saying, “The NordicTrack S22i studio cycle is an incredible interactive workout that keeps me pedaling! This amazing machine has toned up my already ripped legs!” The post referred viewers to click the link in his bio for more information. That link is no longer on his Instagram.

Fans outraged

Many fans remain outraged over Brendan Morais and Pieper James’ rude behavior. Brendan issued a 7-minute long video apology and fans simply believe it’s fake.

Bachelor Nation basically all sided with Natasha Parker. Many fans commented on his posts calling him a “sexist pig.” Others commented how they contacted NordicTrack to revoke their partnership with him.

Another fan said, “Brendan GO HOME and take your disrespectful sexist attitude with you.”

Needless to say, Brendan is definitely suffering the consequences of his actions.

Natasha Parker

While fans take down Brendan Morais, they are lifting up Natasha Parker. In fact, many are advocating for her to become the lead for The Bachelorette. She’s grateful for the outpouring of support and is moving forward from the drama.

Would she consider taking on the leading role? Natasha revealed if she’s single and Bachelor Nation wants her then she would gladly do it.

Like most of the other contestants, Natasha wants to find her person.

What do you think about Brendan losing his NordicTrack sponsorship?

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