‘Sister Wives’ Janelle Brown’s Outlook Is Why Her Following Is Growing

Janelle Brown Doesn't Claim Kody

It seems like anyone that watches Sister Wives has their favorite wife. Lately, it seems like the fan base for Janelle is growing. Of Kody Brown’s four wives, people think she is the most sensible of the bunch. Others think she’s the only one that has the right idea about polygamy. But, is Janelle Brown the happiest of Kody’s four wives? Keep reading to find out.

How is Janelle Brown different from the other wives?

One of the reasons that people speculate that Kody’s second wife might be the happiest of the bunch is because often times, she is the voice of reason for the group. Also, she rarely makes a fuss. To some, that’s an indicator of happiness.

Janelle and Kody got married in 1993. Together they have six children- Logan, Madison, Hunter, Robert, Gabriel, and Savanah. Even with a large family to support, the mother of six has always seemed like the most independent. For example, when they lived in Las Vegas, Janelle was a real estate agent.

Now that the family lives in Flagstaff, Arizona, it is apparent that the Brown family dynamic is changing. However, Janelle doesn’t falter. Recently, her rental home was sold. You would think with a husband and three sister wives, it would have been easy for her to find a place to go. For whatever reason, the fan-favorite sister-wife chooses to finally do something with the Coyote Pass property. She takes an RV out there and has been living her best life off the grid.

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TLC Sister Wives

Is drama-free the way to be?

Ultimately, Janelle seems to be the wife with the least drama. Everyone knows that Meri has been unhappy for some time now. At the end of Season 15 of Sister Wives, it’s revealed that Christine doesn’t think she can do marriage with Kody anymore. Then, Robyn seems very back and forth on whether or not she wants more kids. Which can put a strain on anyone’s relationship. So, it doesn’t seem like Kody really has to worry about Janelle.

The fact that Kody probably doesn’t have to worry about Janelle really shows. Lately, Janelle has been sharing photos of their “al fresco” dates at Coyote Pass. Notably, the interactions fans see between these two do lend to the speculation that they’re more like best friends than lovers.

Sister Wives Janelle Brown happiest wife
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What do you think? Is Janelle the happiest of Kody’s four wives? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives news. Don’t forget to tune in to TLC for Season 16 of Sister Wives.

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