When Will Jesse Metcalfe Film New Hallmark ‘Martha’s Vineyard Mystery’?

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Last Spring, Jesse Metcalfe shocked Chesapeake Shores fans by leaving the show. However, Hallmark fans have been holding out hope he will be in a future Christmas movie. Moreover, they always look forward to the latest Martha’s Vineyard Mystery.

What is the latest news on an upcoming mystery?

When Is Jesse Metcalfe Filming Next Hallmark Martha’s Vineyard Mystery?

When Jesse Metcalfe’s last episode on Chesapeake Shores aired, he spoke with ET to discuss his next step. One of those questions included whether he would continue working with Hallmark. Specifically, whether he would do more of his signature mystery.

“Yeah, I absolutely love doing the Martha’s Vineyard Mysteries movies. They’re great. The source material’s incredible. We actually have to dial it back from the books. The Philip R. Craig books are so irreverent. They’re actually a really fun read, but I love executive producing on that because I love being a part of every aspect of producing a show and I find it so rewarding.”

Metcalfe seemed to enjoy filming these movies. Moreover, he enjoys his production role as well. So, what is next for the series?

Hallmark Is On ‘Holding Pattern’ With Mysteries

Although Jesse Metcalfe starred in Poisoned In Paradise: A Martha Vineyard Mystery earlier this year, when is the next movie? As of last month, he did not know.

Although he appreciated working on the series, he explained that things are changing now under the new regime.

“Obviously, I have Hallmark to thank for that opportunity but a lot of changes have happened over at Hallmark and everyone’s in a bit of a holding pattern waiting to see which direction they go, which TV shows and movies they continue to support, and which ones end up on the chopping block.”

This means that Hallmark is evaluating their mysteries. Even this Fall Harvest season, most of the Sunday movies on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries have been on the movie side.

Just like during Christmas time, the movies on the sister network that are currently scheduled are more serious, with some emotional subjects.

However, when will the network decide on the various mystery series? That is a question that no one has an answer to. Hallmark has been going through a lot of changes of late. No one knows if they are evaluating each Signature Mystery franchise, or if they plan on changing their overall format.

That is the current mystery.

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Jesse Metcalfe-Hallmark, Jesse Metcalf Instagram.

Catch Jesse Metcalfe Sing Classic Pink Floyd Song

If you are a Chessie and miss Jesse Metcalfe’s songs, then head over to his Instagram. He often will share videos of him playing guitar and singing songs.

In the past few days, he posted an Instagram video of himself singing the classic Pink Floyd song, “Wish You Were Here.” His caption is, “I like sad songs.”

Let’s hope that songs are the only sad thing in his life. Fans of the Desperate Housewives star want to see more movies!

Jesse Metcalfe fans, do you want to see another Martha’s Vineyard Mystery?


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  1. I watch this fantastic series in the UK. I love the scenery and the actors are great. I love the hunky Jesse Metcalfe, another series please!

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