Amy Roloff And Chris Marek Starting New Life In 600k Home In Oregon

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Now that the fairy tale wedding is over, Amy Roloff and Chris Marek are ready to get on with their married life. As viewers know, Chris was reluctant to move in with Amy during their long engagement. How is he adjusting to living in Amy Roloff’s 600k home? 

Chris Marek didn’t want to live with the LPBW star for this reason

Chris Marek first asked Amy Roloff to marry him in 2019. While she said yes, the wedding was delayed until 2021. Most couples live together before marrying, but Chris didn’t feel comfortable moving into Amy’s home for a while. What was the hold up? 

As LPBW viewers know from the show, Amy Roloff is a bit of a packrat. Some fans wonder if she might be better suited for Hoarders. Due to the clutter and disorganization, Amy Roloff’s mega home didn’t have room for her fiance. 

Amy eventually made room, and Chris Marek moved in. 

Credit: Amy Roloff/Instagram
Credit: Amy Roloff/Instagram

Amy, Chris have gorgeous wedding at Roloff Farms 

In late August 2021, Chris and Amy finally said, “I do. The long delay was due to the coronavirus pandemic. Once venues started opening up, Amy ran into trouble finding one available. Her ex, Matt Roloff, offered to hold the wedding at the famous Roloff Farms. After some thought, Amy agreed to the proposal. 

While many fans thought the new structure Matt was building on the farm was for the wedding, it turns out that the wedding was in an older barn. The new building is a garage for Matt. All of the Roloff children and grandchildren attended the wedding. Even Amy’s elderly father made the trip from Michigan. 

Matt and his girlfriend Caryn Chandler skipped the ceremony, letting Amy have her day. 

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek start life together in 600k home 

Matt Roloff is now the sole owner of Roloff Farms. Amy sold him her shares and bought a home in nearby Hillsboro, Oregon, in 2018. However, it wasn’t until late 2020 that her fiance Chris sold his bachelor pad and moved in. 

The Sun shared extensive details and photos of the gorgeous home. The outlet notes that the 3,767-square-foot property boasts four bedrooms and four baths. Additionally, there is a formal dining room. 

However, the space that likely won over Amy Roloff is the huge kitchen with double ovens and a large pantry. As her followers know, Amy loves to cook. She often shares cooking videos on her social media and Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen website. 

The 589k home also has an outdoor entertaining area featuring a waterfall pond and covered porch. 

What do you think about Amy Roloff’s 600k home? Do you think Chris and Amy are starting married life off on the right foot? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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  1. I am so happy for them to finally be married but am sad that everyone, even Chris, refer to it as Amy’s home. It should have been bought by the both of them. Hope this does not make tension in the household if they have an argument. Although Chris seems so easy going, I still worry with her narcissistic attitude that something could go wrong in the future. I truly hope not. Wish them the best. Hang in there you two!>

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