‘The Witcher’s’ Henry Cavill Asked Actor Or Athlete First? His Answer May Surprise You

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The Witcher’s Henry Cavill cuts an imposing figure, due to the actor’s Spartan diet and extreme Man of Steel exercise plan. His physique is marveled over. He wears the Superman suit better than anyone ever has.

So, it may not seem so odd that in a recent Q&A, a fan asked if he was an “actor or athlete first?”

Henry Cavill’s answer may surprise you.

The Witcher Asked Whether He Is An Actor Or Athlete First?

Recently, The Witcher’s Henry Cavill has been talking a lot about fitness, which is not surprising, considering his physical roles like Geralt of Rivia, and Superman. He is now MuscleTech’s newest Creative Director and Global Brand Ambassador.

However, he is not just an actor, casually interested in bodybuilding. For example, in a recent Bodybuilding.com Q&A, he was asked quite a few questions. But one, in particular, stuck out.

A little over five minutes into the video, The Tudors star was asked, “Are you an actor or athlete first?” Fans of his movies, including Mission Impossible: Fallout would likely expect him to immediately say, “actor.” However, that was not his answer.

Instead, Henry Cavill replied, “I think it depends on time of day.” He did not elaborate on this rather surprising answer. This question alone brings on a cornucopia of questions. But, no answers.

Perhaps fans already know what the Argylle star means? That is because Henry Cavill doesn’t just play the roles. In the latest MuscleTech video, he shares he physically becomes the character. He builds his body for each individual role, based on character.

Henry Cavill’s Devotion To Fitness Key In His Roles

The Witcher fans know that Henry Cavill is a details guy. He does all of his own stunts. Although Cavill did do some stunts in The Man From U.N.C.L.E., he  understood the importance after working with Tom Cruise in Fallout.

Cruise has a philosophy that Cavill now shares. When he spoke with Sir Patrick Stewart on the Variety Actor on Actor interview last year, he discussed how important it was for the integrity of the character. To stop a scene only to bring in a stunt person doesn’t give the character authenticity. Now, Henry does all of his stunts. He does them even if there is an injury, like the recent hamstring injury that was nearly career-changing.

Moreover, since Immortals, where he had to sport an eight-pack playing Theseus, in mostly shirtless scenes, he began to workout his body for each particular role. That means that the body he has for Geralt is different from Superman’s body.

When he lost out the James Bond role to Daniel Craig due to 20 extra pounds, it motivated him to make some serious changes. They actually told him, “Looking a little chubby there, Henry.” instead of being offended, he used this moment to transform his body and diet. Now, this is part of his lifestyle.

Henry Cavill eats the same thing every day, eating a high protein diet. Not only does Cavill do some intense workouts, but he is also known to get up as early as 4 a.m., before shooting, to get that workout in.

He shared that if a job is “really hard,” he will ask his trainer to scale things back. He will cut down from six days a week to four. The fourth day can be a simple arm day.

Moreover, he will have cheat meals at home, like pizza. Or he will go out with friends. However, he loves acting and does relish the idea of shaping his body for particular roles.

When Does The Witcher Season 2 Drop?

Netflix drops The Witcher Season 2 on Friday, December 17.


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