‘Prisoner Of Love’ SPOILERS: Are Couple Isa And Devin Still Together?

Prisoner of Love Credit: YouTube

Prisoner of Love has been a wild ride for the handful of couples featured. Main star and matchmaker Chelsea Holmes has already gone through two men since the series premiered. Viewers are anxious to know if any of the couples will last to the end and beyond. Isa and Devin have an interesting love story that could be promising. Did they stay together or did he have too many red flags that ended the relationship?

Isa and Her Prisoner of Love

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Prisoner of Love revolves around Chelsea and her inmate matchmaking service. Essentially, she connects with prisoners and hooks them up with people on the outside. She has even found some love for herself. One of her clients is couple Isa and Devin. Isa is currently in college while Devin is serving a four-year sentence. She is skeptical about dating an inmate but she cannot help the way she feels about him.

Isa has spoken to his mother who shared her concerns. She knows Devin has a good heart but can be a bad boy. His mother does not want to see him play Isa, as well as, use and abuse her. It gave her food for thought but the real red flags came when Devin started asking for money. Even Chelsea had to acknowledge this was not right.

Isa asked what the money was for and it had to do with the basics and his health. She did acquiesce and send him over some funds. It is still a hard situation and not many people get it. So, did the two of them stay together, or have they parted ways?

What Happens Next?

According to Starcasm, the couple has sadly parted ways. Devin was released in June of this year. Since then, he has made no secret he is single. However, he seemingly likes it that way according to a Facebook post. “Just for the record I’m single just not looking,” he shared. One of his goals is to have a child next year since he wants to do that at 26.

Credit: Devin Sweat Facebook
Credit: Devin Sweat Facebook

Additionally, Devin found a steady job for the first time and it appears he wants to live a straight and narrow life. He is building his life back up and maybe that is for the best. As for Isa, she was unable to be found on social media. Luckily, there are still more episodes of the series airing so viewers can see exactly where the relationship went wrong. It could be something very simple and they have chosen to remain friends.

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