’90 Day Fiance’ Jenny Slatten Does Heroic Deed, Saves Lives!

90 Day Fiance Credit: Jenny Slatten Facebook

Jenny Slatten is still trying to figure out her relationship with Sumit Singh. The 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couple has been through a lot. His family has been less than accepting of his American love who is thirty years his senior. This would also be Sumit’s second round at marriage so a lot of factors have gone into the whole situation. Still, the two are attempting to stick it out. Now, Jenny is showing how much love she has to give in more ways than one.

90 Day Fiance Ups and Downs

Credit: Jenny Slatten Facebook
Credit: Jenny Slatten Facebook

Jenny and Sumit have faced their hardest time when COVID shut down the border. Yes, it permitted her to stay in India longer. However, it added a ticking clock to their romance. If Sumit does not marry Jenny within a certain time period, she will have to return to America. As viewers have come to learn, this may not be an easy feat.

Though there is love in the relationship, Sumit is admittedly jaded by the idea of marriage again. Furthermore, he has his parents to contend with. They were not too thrilled with the idea of having Jenny as a potential daughter-in-law. It seems his mother may be changing her tune for Season 3 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

She has moved in and is seemingly attempting to make Jenny into the ideal Indian wife. Whether that can work out or if Sumit even wants that life is yet to be seen. Clearly, Jenny nor Sumit are giving up anytime soon on each other. There is much love to give on both sides but and this love has since spilled over in Jenny’s case.

And They Call It Puppy Love

Jenny is always smiling and now she is giving a few little love something to be happy about. Earlier today, she rescued three puppies from Canine Parvovirus. According to Ohio State University, the virus is very contagious, affects unvaccinated pups under six months, and occurs globally. Sadly, if it goes untreated, the death rate is very high. She just does not share how she found these pups but it is a lucky thing Jenny did and was able to get them help.

Credit: Jenny Slatten Facebook
Credit: Jenny Slatten Facebook

Jenny posted what happened on her Facebook along with photos of one pup. Her followers have sent her high praise for doing such a sweet act. The comments flowed in: “Poor little babies; bless you for your kindness toward the kindest animals on earth.” Another follower added: ‘That is awesome thank you Jenny Slatten for being a wonderful person inside and out.”

Hopefully, these pups will get all the help they need thanks to Jenny and the vets. Everyone should have kind hearts towards animals like this. Don’t miss 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way on TLC every Sunday.


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