Jill Dillard Shows Some Skin In New Summery Swimsuit Photos

Jill Dillard Instagram

Since she got married to Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar has begun dressing differently and making choices that she didn’t get to while she was growing up. Fans of the Duggar family are familiar with how Jim Bob and Michelle raise their children. They have modesty guidelines, relationship rules, and more.

Fans are proud to see Jill breaking away from some of her parents’ beliefs and making her own decisions. They applaud Jill when she posts photos wearing clothes her parents wouldn’t approve of or doing other things she has never been allowed to do.

It’s unclear what exactly caused the falling out between Jill and her parents, but she claims she has set boundaries with them and that they aren’t always invited to events.

Jill Duggar Instagram
Jill Dillard Instagram

Jill Dillard ignores many of her parents’ rules.

Growing up, Jill had to abide by her parents’ strict guidelines. Recently, however, she has been challenging herself to think differently. While she’s still a Christian, she has become much more relaxed. She wears swimsuits, sends her son to public school, and speaks openly about her intimate life with her husband.

See the new swimsuit snaps.

On her Instagram page, Jill shared a few new photos of herself wearing swimsuits and activewear from a modest shop. In the past, Jill has posted pictures in swimwear that shows off her arms and legs. While this is marketed as modest swimwear, it does show a lot more skin than Jill was able to while she was growing up.

From her post, it looks like Jill is working with the company to host a giveaway. In her caption, she announced the winner of a free outfit from the shop.

In one photo, Jill is wearing a form-fitting gingham shirt with a swim skort. Her arms are visible, as are her legs from the knees down. In another photo, Jill poses with her three-year-old son Samuel at a waterpark. She’s wearing another fitted top in a pretty floral print with a short swim skirt.

Jill Dillard Instagram
Jill Dillard Instagram

In the comments section of her post, fans are praising her for making these decisions and wearing what she’s comfortable in. One writes, “I have watched the Duggar shows for years and I am so happy that you have stood up and made it known who YOU are and what YOU stand for and believe. It isn’t easy to go against what we’re taught growing up but I commend you for having the strength to find your own vision and run with it. God Bless.”

Someone else adds, “I just love how you showcase how it’s possible to be modest without covering every inch of your body!”

So, what do you think of Jill Dillard’s modest swimwear? Do you like that she has decided to wear swimsuits, shorts, and jeans now? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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