Whitney Way Thore Gets Bikini Waxed After 5 Years’ Growth

Whitney Way Thore/YouTube

It’s a jungle out there. Or at least, down there. MBFFL star Whitney Way Thore is ready to tame the jungle in the next episode. Plus, are things moving too fast between her and her mysterious French boyfriend? Keep reading for a preview of tonight’s episode of My Big Fat Fab Life. 

MBFFL star goes on a girls’ weekend 

The MBFFL episode airing Tuesday, September 7, shows Whitney and her friend Ashley preparing for a girls’ weekend trip to the Georgia coast. The girls plan to use the ‘big girl retreat’ as their way of ending the long pandemic quarantine. 

Credit: Whitney Way Thore/YouTube
Credit: Whitney Way Thore/YouTube

During the trip, the ladies plan to have a photoshoot to celebrate their body-positivity. However, neither of them is bikini-ready. In fact, Whitney Way Thore reveals she hasn’t shaved her legs in over a year.

Whitney Way Thore: vaxxed and bikini waxed 

First on their to-do list is a little body maintenance on areas neglected in the last year. Or in Whitney’s case, the last five years. Not only hasn’t Whitney shaved, she confesses her last waxing appointment was five years ago. 

Cameras follow Whitney and Ashley as they go to get beach-ready. Ashley looks on as strips of hair are pulled from Whitney’s legs. She joked that the MBFFL star is “like a Yeti” with all the hair.

A later scene shows Ashley getting the same beauty treatment. Yelps, screams, and laughter can be heard from both women throughout the unpleasant experience. 

Credit: Whitney Way Thore/YouTube
Credit: Whitney Way Thore/YouTube

You can watch a preview clip of the bikini waxing scene on the TLC network’s Instagram. 

Awkward conversation reveals Whitney, French beau on different pages

While on the retreat in Georgia, Whitney chats on the phone with her French tutor-slash-crush. The MBFFL star excitedly tells her online suitor that international travel guidelines are starting to allow travel between the U.S. and France. However, Whitney is disappointed when he doesn’t seem interested in meeting face-to-face.

So far, Whitney has kept her mysterious French man’s identity a secret. She never uses his name on the show or on her social media. TLC blurs his face out when she’s video-chatting with him. 

The awkward conversation with her French beau makes Whitney start to question if they are reading the same book, let alone on the same page about meeting. 

If you follow Whitney on Instagram, you know how it all turned out with Whitney and her French beau. Click here if you don’t follow her social media and want to know. 

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