‘Sister Wives’: Paedon Brown Drops RARE Family Photos

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Sister Wives star Paedon Brown drops a bunch of rare family photos on his Instagram recently. One of the reasons that Sister Wives fans may not see Paedon as often as some of Christine Brown’s other children is because he is in the Army. It is likely that Paedon stays busy and moves around a lot. Keep reading to find out more about Paedon and his family photos.

Sister Wives Paedon Brown cherishes time with his family

From the looks of Paedon Brown’s Instagram, he cherishes his time with his family. Paedon just doesn’t share a lot of family photos on Instagram. The last time the Army National Guard soldier posts a photo with a family member, was 17 weeks ago. He was able to go visit his sister, Mykelti. Consequently, he shares series of adorable photos of him and his newborn niece, Avalon.

Sister Wives Paedon Brown
Instagram Paedon Brown

Sister Wives fans may have already seen one of the photos that Paedon shares from his mom’s Instagram. In his mother’s post, fans want to know where his dad is. However, there really isn’t an answer to why Kody Brown isn’t celebrating Oktoberfest with the rest of the family.

Christine and her family enjoy Oktoberfest

With or without the Sister Wives patriarch, Paedon’s photos show that his family had a lot of fun at Oktoberfest at Snowbird. He captions the series of photos with the following. “Had so so much fun visiting my family up north and I’m so glad. mom could be here for Oktoberfest.”

From the looks of his photos with Christine, she’s happy to be there too. Sister Wives fans know that Christine and Paedon have a great mother/son relationship. TV Shows Ace recently reports on how Paedon calls his mom out for stealing his shirt. He finds out because Christine debuts his Labrynith shirt as her own.

Sister Wives Christine Brown Okoberfest
Instagram Christine Brown

However, it appears that there are a couple of missing family members. From the looks of the photos, it is hard to tell if his little sister, Gwendlyn is celebrating Oktoberfest with the family. Additionally, unless his dad, Kody Brown is the one taking the photo, it doesn’t look like he is there either.

What do you think of Paedon Brown’s photos from Oktoberfest? Do you hope to see more from Paedon in the future? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives news.

Don’t forget Season 16 of Sister Wives returns to TLC on November 21 at 10 PM ET.

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