‘Prisoner Of Love’ Season 1 Episode 4 SPOILERS!

Prisoner of Love Credit: YouTube

Prisoner of Love has quickly become discovery+’s latest guilty pleasure. The streaming service just dropped the first three episodes on Monday, August 30th. Yet viewers are already becoming quickly addicting and attached to the cast and their stories. New episodes are released every Monday. Luckily, TV Shows Ace got a sneak peek of episode number four. It is about to blow your mind so get ready for refreshers and some serious spoilers ahead.

Chelsea Picks Up Her Prisoner Of Love

Prisoner Of Love Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

She is the prison matchmaker. However, Chelsea has managed to fall head over heels twice since the series began. These romances are completely unintentional. She is just chatting with these incarcerated men, hoping to find them a match. Little does she know, it’s her. First, it was Manuel but he ghosted her, looking for other girls to play with. Then, she met Michael. He has been doing everything right and now, she is going to get him when he is released.

One issue she is having is he wants to stay celibate. All she could think about was being intimate with him but he claims he wants to get to know her better. He sees her when he is released and runs to her. She says the first hug feels like home. They go on their first dinner date and Chelsea is smitten. Michael brings out a gift for her- a rap he wrote her. After dinner, Chelsea takes him back to a place she has rented while she is in town.

He feels like he is in a dream and is starting to think about intimacy. Finally, he says they can take it to the bedroom and see where it goes. It went exactly where Chelsea wanted it to and Michael says he does not want to mess it up. They call Jonathan and he wants to hear everything.

Aluntra and Bryce

They are the only two who are not connected to Chelsea and they struggle a lot. She is really worried about what could happen with Bryce. He was always the protector of his family. Yet, he has a new family with his Aluntra and has to realize it. Bryce is off with his brother, Ethan who he is closest to. They both went through the same things in life. Their home was very abusive, a lot of drug abuse.

Ethan admits Bryce was the glue within the family. He admits their mom got really sick when Bryce went to jail. Ultimately, she almost lost her job so he had to step in. She was dating an abusive man who took it out on the kids. It led him to start taking pills at fifteen. Yet, he still got up and went to work. Bryce vows to never go back to jail. He then goes to talk to Aluntra and shares what Ethan told him.

Bryce has a lot of guilt over what he did to his brother. He does not want his brother to take a turn for the worst. Unfortunately, Aluntra wants the focus to be on her and their potential family and less on his brother. She wants a family and kids but he is torn in so many ways. Can he find a balance?

Brey and His Prisoner of Love

Credit: discovery+
Credit: discovery+

Brey has learned some stuff about his new prison love, Arlette. She seemed to have all of the qualities he was looking for. Furthermore, daddy Dex found a prison love, Yolanda who is about to be released and he is happy. Unfortunately, Brey is bringing some bad news. Chelsea had gotten Arlette’s police report. It revealed she had shot someone twice.

Though they clicked, the fact she was capable of shooting someone is lingering in the background. Dex cannot believe Arlette never thought to bring it up in conversation. Brey wants to know what he should do. Daddy tells him to sever all ties. He feels she will never change. As for Dex, his lady has been released and she is now in a halfway house. They can finally video chat and she is excited to hear the birds chirp. She also loves the sound of the trains. He admits he loves the rain.

Dexter does want to go visit but does not know how to broach the topic. She says it would be great so he asks her what she would like to do. Initially, she says she wants to go run through the beach. Then, she throws in going to a live NBA game and a vacation to New Orleans. These were his fears that she would be a gold digger. Now, Dex is trepidatious and with good reason.

Is Chelsea In Love?

Jonathan sees how happy Chelsea is so he asks if she is in love. She says it has been on the tip of her tongue but she has been holding back. Instead of saying it, she and Michael decide to get matching name tattoos. Why not? This is the perfect second date. Clearly, getting name tattoos can be the kiss of death and this is no exception. Questions are eventually asked and so much more goes down on this episode.

Brey questions Arlette and Dex must decide if he will keep pursuing Yolanda. Moreover, Chelsea needs to figure out if Michael’s intentions are pure. Catch the first three episodes of Prisoner of Love streaming now on discovery+. Plus, don’t miss episode four and new episodes every Monday.




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