Is Ben & Jessa Seewald’s Family Of Six Finally Moving To A Bigger Home?

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Counting On fans have been wondering when Ben and Jessa Seewald might move out of their current home and into a bigger one. Currently, the couple and their four kids, Spurgeon, 5, Henry, 4, Ivy, 2, and Fern, 1 month, live in a two-bedroom home.

For months, fans have been speculating that the pair might be house-hunting or even building a house. Fans asked if they were moving to a bigger home when Ben posted a photo while the family was at a furniture store. They thought they might be preparing to furnish a new home. When the couple revealed that they were adding a fourth child to their family, fans were sure they were finally going to move.

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But no official announcement has come from the Seewalds. In a home tour video in February 2020, Jessa said it would be difficult to “part ways” with their current house when it’s time to move.

She said, “People will ask me ‘when are y’all going to move into a bigger house? And aren’t you feeling cramped?’ And I feel like our house is still a pretty good fit and pretty good size for the five of us.”

Then, she continued, “The kids are still so young that we can make it work pretty easily and also, I think I’m just really sentimental … but I just love our house. I mean this is where so many of our firsts have happened. This is our first house to buy. This is where all of our kids have been born and we’re raising them.”

Rumors about the family building a new home have ramped up. This is after a YouTube video promised an “exclusive look” at their new home. But now, it looks like that video is fake.

So, are Ben & Jessa Seewald really building a new house?

Blogger Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball did some digging and discovered that the video claiming Ben and Jessa’s new home is in the works is untrue.

In a new social media post, the blogger writes, “This rumor is false. As of right now, there are NO property records for Jessa or Ben indicating they’ve purchased anything. The Duggars have not filed for any building permits nor are there any surveys ordered for any vacant lots in Jessa or Ben’s name. I have asked around to my sources and not one person can even verify this claim made by a YouTube channel.”

So, do you think that Ben and Jessa Seewald will eventually move to a bigger house? When do you think that might be? Let us know in the comments below.

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