‘Sister Wives’ Kody Brown STEALS From ‘600-Lb. Life’ Dr. Now: Needs Money?!

Sister Wives Kody Brown - 600 Lb Life Dr Now

Those who follow both Kody Brown of Sister Wives and Dr. Now of My 600-Lb. Life were probably hit with a bit of Deja Vu today. Earlier today, Dr. Now took to his Instagram to announce he was running a promotion on Cameos. The Instagram post revealed a 25 percent off discount on Cameos for the rest of the week. Roughly four hours AFTER Dr. Now posted about this promotion… Kody Brown of Sister Wives also announced he was running the same discount for his fans and followers.

Kody Brown steals from Dr. Now, hurting for cash?!

Now, if you visit Cameo… You will see the entire site is hosting a 25 percent off discount. This means you can get videos from anyone at a 25 percent discount for the rest of the week. So, this promotion isn’t just something Dr. Now or Kody Brown decided to do. It was a sitewide promotion that they likely had no control over.

Dr. Now, however, made the decision to promote the 25 percent off sale via Instagram. He used a black and neon blue picture to announce his Cameo prices were 25 percent off. Many of his followers admitted they were eager to get a video at a cheaper price.

My 600 lb Life - Dr Now Instagram
My 600 lb Life – Dr. Now Instagram

Kody Brown of Sister Wives proceeded to STEAL the picture from Dr. Now’s Instagram and post it on his own account hours later. So, not only did he steal the picture… But, he stole the idea to promote the sale on his Instagram account with the hopes of scoring some new customers.

Is the Sister Wives star hurting for cash?

Sister Wives fans and My 600-Lb. Life fans can’t help but wonder if this is a desperate hustle to make some quick cash. Is Kody Brown hurting for money? This was something fans suspected when he surfaced on Instagram for the first time in over a year just to sell a service to his followers.

Sister Wives Kody Brown Instagram
Sister Wives Kody Brown Instagram

The reaction to Kody Brown revealing he joined Cameo on Instagram was hilarious. Sister Wives fans cracked all sorts of jokes as it became clear most don’t follow Kody because they like him. Most agreed it was clearly a desperate cry for money.

Kody Brown screenshot
Kody Brown Instagram

Sister Wives fans suspect Kody Brown blew most of his money when he purchased the Coyote Pass land. The TLC personality purchased the land with the intention of building homes for himself and all of his wives. But, the family ran out of money after purchasing the property and were unable to move forward with building the homes. Today, we do know that one of his wives is living on the property via an RV. We also know Kody spends time with her on the property.

Do you think Kody Brown stole the picture and the idea to promote the sale on Instagram from Dr. Now? Did he do this because he needs cash? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on these two TLC stars.


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