Jacob’s Wife Isabel Roloff Gets Candid About Her Religious Beliefs

Isabel Roloff religion feature

With the various Little People, Big World Roloff family feuds, it is refreshing to see that Jacob Roloff’s wife, Isabel Rock is being so candid on social media. Recently, she takes the time to answer fan questions in her Instagram Stories. One of these questions is religious. Consequently, Isabel gets candid about her religious beliefs.

Isabel Rock (Roloff) takes to Instagram and answers some fan questions.

In a series of fan questions Isabel recently answers from her Instagram stories, one of them ask about her religion. “In what you believe then if its not God?” From the looks of her answer, this may stir some controversy. One thing Little People, Big World fans love about Isabel Rock, is that she seems to speak her mind and not back down.

Isabel begins her answer by correcting the assumption made by the inquiring party. “That’s the thing. I believe in God,” writes the expecting mother. Surely, many people breathe a collective sigh of relief at this point, but it is in haste. Isabel expands on her answer.

Little People Big World Isabel Rock Roloff religion
Instagram Isabel Rock

But her answer isn’t what people may think

“I have a beautiful relationship with the God I do believe in,” explains Isabel. As if there is any doubt, after this, her explanation illustrates that she does not believe in the traditional Christian sense of God. “I believe that the wind, the earth, the ocean, all of those things bring me closer to god, they are god.”

Next, Isabel continues to expand on her beliefs. “I believe that everyone we meet can bring us closer to god.” After that, she gives her definition of what God is. “God is love to me.”

Ultimately, it appears that Isabel doesn’t want to be boxed “into a particular religion.” She explains that she is “fine with loving people how I love them, how this person we knew to be Jesus would have.” So while she isn’t denouncing Christianity, it appears that she just has a nontraditional interpretation. After that, she gives her interpretation of Jesus’ message. Isabel writes, “his message was that of love. It gets skewed a lot by modern-day teachings but the basis of it is love.”

Little People Big World Isabel Roloff religion
Instagram Isabel Rock

In conclusion, Isabel writes this of her religious beliefs. She shares, “and in my heart that’s how I know I’d like to live out my existence here. Love.”

Does it shock you to know that Isabel doesn’t have traditional Christian views on religion? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Little People, Big World news.

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