‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Calls On Another Man For Help?

Sister Wives Janelle Brown/YouTube

Has Janelle Brown turned her ‘honey-do’ list over to someone else? The Sister Wives star gave a social media shoutout to another man for helping her out. Who is this man, and should Kody be worried? Keep reading for all the details. 

Sister Wives Star Makes Unconventional Living Arrangements Amid Family Turmoil 

Season 15 of Sister Wives ended on a sour note earlier this year. The TLC staple went off the air with Kody Brown having difficulty with several of his wives, particularly Meri. Fans aren’t sure if the show is coming back for another season, or if they even want it to. Since filming ended, the troubles in the Brown family have continued.

'Sister Wives' stars Janelle and Kody Brown via YouTube
‘Sister Wives’ stars Janelle and Kody Brown via YouTube

Janelle Brown had to move out of her rental home. With nowhere else to go, she moved into an RV situated on the family’s Coyote Pass land. 

Her fellow sister wife, Christine Brown, is rumored to be selling her home. Christine’s daughter, Ysabel, just moved to North Carolina to live with Maddie Brown Brush. 

Janelle Brown LOVES RV Life, Shares Details With Fans

Fans think living in an RV is a sign that the family is destitute. Regardless of the circumstances, Janelle Brown is making the most of her new adventure. She often posts on her Instagram about the RV life. Despite the hurdles, it seems she is enjoying the change. 

Since she made the big move, she has shared all aspects of living in an RV – the good and the bad. The good includes incredible views, and date nights under the stars. Janelle even posted about cooking in an RV without a toaster and making coffee on the stove. 

She doesn’t appear to be lonely out there, especially after a houseguest joined her for a few days. 

During a trip to the RV section in a store, she picked up a new showerhead, noting that Kody would be the one to install it. As fans joke about Kody’s long ‘honey-do’ list, Janelle Brown isn’t sitting around waiting for his help. 

‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Calls On Another Man For Help – Where’s Kody?

Aside from Janelle, Kody Brown has three other wives to take care of. When it comes to problems in her RV, Janelle isn’t about to wait for Kody’s assistance. She took to her Instagram to praise another man for helping her out. 

According to Janelle, this man “can do it all.” 

From upgrading electrical capacity to small interior repairs, Janelle relies on the local repairman to get her RV in shape. 

Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram
Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram

RV living is working well for Janelle so far. However, she did mention in the comments that she has to be “much more aware” of the weather forecast now. 

Does it surprise you that Janelle had to find outside help instead of Kody? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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