Lawson Bates IGNORES Gil & Kelly Jo’s Courtship Rules: See Photo

Lawson Bates is in a serious relationship, but he’s shown Bringing Up Bates fans that he’s not following his parents’ rules anymore. In the Bates family, the kids don’t date. Instead, they court, which means they date with the intent to marry.

While most people typically date around to find their future spouse, the Bates kids enter courtships expecting to marry their significant other. Along with this, they keep physical touch to a minimum. In the Duggar family, the kids supposedly set their own courtship rules, but they are all pretty similar. The same may be true of the Bates family as well.

Lawson’s relationship with Tiffany Espensen has fans confused. Because he’s one of the Bates kids, it would make sense if he was courting. But he might just be dating Tiffany, which is new for the family.

Lawson Bates Instagram
Lawson Bates Instagram

Is Lawson Bates courting or dating?

On social media, Lawson and Tiffany share frequent posts about their relationship. In some of their recent posts, the pair has been getting awfully close and comfortable with each other. In one of Tiffany’s latest stories, she’s sitting on Lawson’s lap.

This photo, as well as some of their other posts, have sparked a discussion among Bringing Up Bates viewers. On Reddit, they are chatting about how they think Lawson and Tiffany are breaking the courtship rules and are dating instead.

Viewers argue that none of the Bates girls would have been allowed to sit on their boyfriends’ laps before marriage. But Tiffany is obviously doing so with Lawson. One user writes, “You can’t convince me these two aren’t physically intimate in some way.” Another adds, “No surprise for me. My guess is that they’ve done a lot more than this.”

On another Reddit thread, users are pointing out how Lawson appears to have different rules from other members of his family. He seems to be completely ignoring the rules his parents have suggested.

Some viewers argue that he is almost 30 years old, so it would be strange for his parents to give him rules to follow like that.

One user writes, “I don’t think Lawson is courting Tiffany, I think they’re just dating 🤷🏻‍♀️ I don’t think there was a formal courting proposal or anything. I think Bates give more freedom to the boys, they have to keep their girls pure!”

Another user points out that it was up to Tiffany’s parents to set the courtship guidelines. They write, “Yeah, it’s on the girl’s family to set the rules most of the time, and aside from Katie, it seems like the Bateses have been the stricter family (or basically equal in strictness) most of the time.”

So, do you think Tiffany Espensen and Lawson Bates are courting or just dating? Do you think the Bates have different standards for their sons and daughters? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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