Josh Duggar’s Text Messages May Reveal His Fate In Child Pornography Case

Duggar family Instagram, Josh Duggar

As Josh Duggar awaits his November 30 trial in his child pornography case, more details are surfacing. Recently, the search warrant was released. Also, it was revealed that Jim Bob Duggar initially tried to blame the alleged crimes on one of Josh’s employees. More disgusting details about what Josh was allegedly downloading have been released too. There is plenty more information to come about the case.

If Josh is truly guilty, it looks like he wasn’t a very smooth criminal. As we reported last week, he didn’t use a VPN or block his IP address, which is how investigators were able to track the alleged downloads back to his computers at the car lot he worked at.

Now, more information has come out about the case, adding to the possible evidence that Josh might be guilty. Of course, he claims that he’s innocent, and his wife Anna Duggar believes him. So, we won’t know for sure whether he’s guilty until November 30.

In the meantime, it looks like some text messages that have surfaced may reveal the former TLC star’s fate.

Duggar Family Official Facebook, Josh and Anna Duggar
Duggar Family Official Facebook

Josh Duggar’s text messages surface.

Radar Online accessed an unsealed court transcript, and the details of Josh’s text messages are enclosed. This seems to prove that Josh was sending text messages about being at the car lot just minutes before or after he was allegedly downloading child sexual abuse material.

According to the documents, Josh took a photo of a car on May 14, 2019, at 4:14 PM. Shortly after, he texted, “Got stuck here and still not free yet.”

The documents state that 10 minutes after the text was sent, “porn sites associated with rape and files associated with child pornography” were accessed on his work computer.

20 minutes later, whoever was using Josh’s computer downloaded illegal content. Then, at 5:41 PM, more illegal content was downloaded. At 5:48 PM, he sent another text, reading, “I have your Versa down here for Carlin by the way. I’m at my car lot.”

Because of the timeline when the texts were sent and the pornography was downloaded on Josh’s computer, the government thinks this may prove that Josh is guilty. But we don’t know for sure yet.

So, do you think Josh Duggar’s text messages will play a major role in determining his fate? What do you expect to see next in this case? Let us know in the comments below.

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