Is TLC’s ‘So Freakin Cheap’ Season 2 In The Works?

So Freakin Cheap Air Date

TLC recently adds So Freakin Cheap to their lineup. The series follows individuals and their families as they go to great lengths to save money. For some reason, Season 1 of So Freakin Cheap only has six episodes. Keep reading to find out if So Freakin Cheap will come back for Season 2.

Recap of Season 1 of the new series

So Freakin Cheap joined the TLC lineup on Monday, June 28th. The premise of the show is that it “takes penny-pinching to the extreme.” The comment section of the first trailer for the series brings up how similar this show is to another TLC series, Extreme Cheapstakes. One follower writes, “Soo.. extreme cheapskates all over again!” In response, another follower points out, “yup just adding a little more dramatic characters.” Interestingly enough, the Watson family was on Extreme Cheapstakes.

Season1 features the following families.

  • The Tran Family from Orlando, Florida
  • The Watson Family from Mesa, Arizona
  • The Guiles Family from Minoa, New York
  • The Clayton Family from Stonecrest, Georgia

In the beginning, there are mixed reviews for So Freakin Cheap on social media. As the season progresses, the reviews don’t get any better. When searching #SoFreakingCheap on Twitter, the general consensus is that this show is extreme. Several people even tweet that they’ll write checks to these families so that they can live normal lives. Other people are confused by how it looks like the stars have large homes, but they’re so cheap.

Will So Freakin Cheap come back for Season 2?

At the time of this writing, there is no renewal information from TLC for Season 2 of So Freakin Cheap.  However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the series is canceled. If the network sticks to its historical trend from renewal announcements, it will come in a matter of weeks before the new season premiere date.

Additionally, if this show follows the trend of other TLC shows, new episodes don’t air till about a year after they’re filmed. So, it could be about this time 2022 before we see new episodes- if it is renewed. However, from the looks of viewer responses to So Freakin Cheap, it doesn’t seem like there are many people that are going to miss the show if it isn’t renewed.

Do you think TLC will bring So Freakin Cheap for Season 2? Let us know your prediction in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more TLC news.

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  1. I love these shows. I own all the episodes that have been filmed so far. And I do hope this one is renewed. I’ll be buying them as well. I doubt that the people would live any differently if someone wrote them checks. They’d probably save the money and invest it.

    I am trying to be cheap and started saving late. But I was able to get a divorce and retire between my savings, investments and a pension. I don’t have as much as others, but I live normally and am no more starving that the cheap people in these shows do.

  2. I hope they renew it and make a season two. I actually liked it. But I liked the original extreme cheapskates they need to make new season of that.

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