‘Sister Wives:’ Janelle Brown Gets Relatable With Dog Moms

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Sister Wives star Janelle Brown gets relatable with a recent Instagram photo. Any dog mom that sees this picture is sure to have a similar story to tell. With all the drama that’s been going on with Janelle and her living situation lately, it’s comforting to see that it doesn’t seem like she’s letting it bring her down. Keep reading to find out how Janelle Brown gets relatable with dog moms.

Janelle has had dog drama in the past

Earlier this year, TV Shows Ace reports on Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown and the “great dog debate.”  The debate was pretty tense on Twitter. Initially, fans are calling Kody selfish for not wanting to get more dogs. However, (surprisingly) Kody has a logical explanation about why he doesn’t want to get any more dogs. Asides from his allergies, Kody reminds everyone that Janelle has dogs. “So I’m not without dogs,” tweets Kody. He goes on to tweet, “I’m just uninterest in more at this time. We have had much dog drama.”

So, maybe now that it’s Janelle and the dogs living in an RV at Coyote Pass, it’s likely that she’s not seeing much of Kody. This would make sense because there would be three dogs in a cramped space. Janelle’s relatable dog post illustrates just how close quarters are in her current living arrangement.

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Sister Wives star shares adorable (and relatable) dog mom photo

The relatable photo shows two dogs with their noses and paws shoved underneath the bathroom door. Janelle captions the photo with the following. “Proof that your dogs can indeed act like kids.” Assumably, with Janelle’s kids being older, she’s probably savoring these adorable moments with her fur babies.

Sister Wives Janelle Brown relatable dog moment
Instagram Janelle Brown

Undoubtedly, the comment section of this photo illustrates just how relatable this post is. Fans are quick to chime in with examples of similar experiences. Some of the highlights are listed below.

  • My 18 month old, dog and cat all do this while I’m in the bathroom😂 At leash I know that I am very loved.” 
  • “Our whippet will open the sliding bathroom door out of anxiety 😂 dogs are just the best!!! ❤️”
  • “Mine waits outside the bathroom door and whimpers lol”

Does your dog do the same thing as Janelle’s dogs? What do you think of this adorable photo? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Sister Wives news.

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