Wait, Does Anna Duggar STILL Think Josh Is Innocent?

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The Duggar family has been making headlines after Josh’s arrest for the possession of child sexual abuse material. He’s currently awaiting trial and is staying with his guardians, the Rebers, and he must adhere to a set of conditions. The family has made statements about the arrest and his alleged actions. Meanwhile, Josh’s wife Anna Duggar has been keeping quiet.

Since the case is still ongoing, Josh hasn’t been charged. His hearing is in November, and he claims he’s not guilty. From what sources have shared about Anna, it sounds like she believes he’s innocent too.

What does Anna Duggar believe happened to Josh?

Previously, a source revealed that Anna is siding with Josh and believes he’s innocent. She reportedly believes her husband’s case is a conspiracy. The source said, “She also thinks that this case is a conspiracy theory against her husband set up by the Biden administration. She believes that if Donald Trump was still in power this would not be happening, and refuses to believe he’s done anything wrong.”

Anna Duggar Instagram
Anna Duggar Instagram

Does she still believe he’s innocent?

According to a source who spoke exclusively to The SunAnna believes that Josh is innocent. The source said that Anna and the kids visit Josh often. The source said, “She takes them to visit him or they are looked after while she’s there alone, despite what he’s been charged with she refuses to believe he’s guilty.”

Then, the source continued, “Anna is really struggling with Josh’s arrest, and she’s still at war with his parents Jim Bob and Michelle. She has been pointing the finger at everyone else for what has happened to Josh, she’s falling out with family members and isolating herself.”

The source also said, “Overall, this is an extremely difficult time for Anna and she is praying Josh gets off, although she believes him she is worried about the outcome of the case and their family’s future.”

At this point, Josh’s case is still ongoing, so we don’t know whether he’s guilty or innocent. Duggar fans, critics, and many people in between think Anna should divorce her husband. They’re worried about the safety of the kids, especially due to the nature of Josh’s alleged crime. Due to the Duggar family’s religious beliefs, it doesn’t seem likely that Anna would divorce Josh. Only time will tell what happens with Josh’s case and his marriage to Anna.

So, are you surprised that Anna Duggar thinks her husband Josh is innocent? Do you think she will end up getting a divorce? Let us know in the comments below.

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