Are Josh Duggar’s Legal Troubles Making The Family Go BROKE?

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Josh Duggar was arrested a few months ago, and he’s currently waiting for his trial in November. He’s being accused of possessing child sexual abuse material, including videos and images of children as young as 18 months old. Despite these accusations against him, he claims that he’s innocent. His wife Anna Duggar reportedly thinks it’s all a conspiracy theory by President Joe Biden. She still visits him and stays with him at his guardians, the Rebers’ home.

To cover all of Josh’s legal troubles, it’s assumed that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have stepped up to help. It’s unclear what they have paid for, but it’s rumored that they paid the Rebers to be Josh’s guardians. Now, Counting On has also been canceled as a result of Josh’s arrest. Could the family be struggling to pay the bills?

Josh Duggar’s legal issues may be affecting the rest of the family

As we’ve reported, Jennifer Duggar celebrated her 14th birthday on Monday. In honor of her birthday, her family shared a post about her on social media. But fans and critics think it’s insufficient. To make matters worse, critics think she didn’t have a very good birthday celebration. In one snap, Jennifer posed with her cake, which is decorated very simply. On Reddit, critics discussed the possibility that the family can no longer afford to do anything big for birthdays.

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On Reddit, one user writes, “Guess so much of the money has gone to lawyers they can’t afford to get Jenny a decent cake.” Someone responds, “It actually makes me sad looking at this photo 🙁 even if the cake is homemade, they couldnt even bother to decorate it in any way and it looks like they took this photo last-minute.”

Of course, we don’t know for sure how much the Duggar family has put into Josh’s legal issues. But there is an explanation for the appearance of Jennifer’s cake. In a new Instagram story post, the family explains that the cake was baked and decorated by Jordyn, who’s 12 years old. The family reveals that Jordyn loves to bake and wanted to make the cake for her sister.

On Reddit, someone else writes, “Major props to Jordyn. I hope those girls look out for each other. But they shouldn’t have to. It’s nice of Jordyn to do, but she shouldn’t be the only person in a family of 21!! to put in the effort.”

So, do you think the Duggar family may suffer financially as a result of Josh’s arrest? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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