Duggar Family DRAGGED For ‘Low Effort’ Birthday Post

Duggar Family Instagram

When someone in the Duggar family has a birthday, the other family members share posts on social media to celebrate them. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar will often share a photo or two on their feed, as well as on their stories. Typically, they write lengthy, heartfelt messages dedicated to their children, sons and daughters-in-law, and grandchildren.

This time around, Jim Bob and Michelle are being dragged for their recent attempt at a birthday post.

Duggar family Instagram (Counting On)

Jennifer celebrates her birthday

On Monday night, the Duggars shared a new post on Instagram in honor of their daughter’s birthday. The picture they posted features Johanna, Jennifer, Michelle, Jordan, and Jana (from left to right). In the caption, the family wrote, “Happy 14th birthday, Jennifer! 💕🎂” 

@Duggarfam Instagram

In the comments section of the new post, fans chimed in to wish Jennifer a happy birthday. They noticed that the birthday post was very plain and simple compared to other birthday posts the family has shared. Of course, they probably celebrated her in-person rather than online. But it does seem odd that her post would be so boring compared to some of the others the family’s followers have seen.

Duggar family gets backlash over recent birthday post

On Reddit, Duggar family critics are discussing the new post, and they don’t think it’s good enough. One user calls the post an “all-time low” for the family. Someone else argues that Michelle doesn’t know which of her children is Jennifer.

One user shares their theory behind the suddenly boring caption. They write, “Jana used to run the Duggarfam instagram account, but it’s been heavily speculated that Johanna took over a few months ago. I think the captions used to be more personalized? Which would make sense since she’s basically the Lost Girls’ mother.”

As fans know, Jana is rumored to be courting Stephen Wissmann. Since she’s not around as much anymore, it’s possible that someone else began posting on social media on Michelle and Jim Bob’s behalf. But the family hasn’t come out and said who has access to their Instagram page.

Someone else thinks the other recent birthday posts have been pretty generic as well, adding, “This is the same effort they’ve been doing for everyone. Because they don’t want to ‘ignore their kids’ on social media but they also don’t want to attract attention.”

The caption effort is at an all-time low
by u/maaanda in DuggarsSnark

So, do you think the Duggar family did enough to celebrate Jennifer’s birthday? Or do you think they could have done more for her? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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