Clare Crawley Commemorates One Year With Dale Moss

Dale Moss & Clare Crawley via Instagram

Clare Crawley fell in love with Dale Moss during her season of The Bachelorette. She fell in love so fast and so hard she didn’t even finish her season. Dale and Clare left the show engaged. This of course led to Tayshia Adams being named the new lead. following Clare’s time on the show, she and Dale had a rough patch. However, they persevered and are stronger than ever. Now, they are celebrating one year of love for one another.

Clare Crawley commemorates one year of love with Dale Moss

Clare went to Instagram to share a video commemorating her love for Dale. The video relives the moment they met and the moment he proposed. It also shares a song sung for the couple by Listen To Your Heart winner Bri Stauss. Her caption was simple and shows her adoration for Dale.

Clare said, “Happy ONE YEAR Anniversary love!!”

Dale responded on her video saying, “Love you with all my heart. Before we even met I knew god was working but never could have imagined what he had in store for us and there’s so much more ahead. My heart is with you always.”

Dale also shared anniversary love for Clare on his Instagram

Dale also went to Instagram to share his love for Clare. He said, “It’s the moments that nobody sees that make life and our love so special. The most beautiful thing is that those are the moments only we will carry forever. When we first met I knew god’s hand was at work but I could have never imagined the journey he had in store for us. Love you with all my heart @clarecrawley ❤️. Happy ONE YEAR Anniversary Love!”

After their brief break from each other, Clare and Dale are back on track. Their love for one another is obvious. When they reconciled they kept their relationship pretty private. Now, they are putting themselves back out there more.

Dale is standing by her side as they plan their future together.

Clare recently opened up about her decision to have breast implants removed due to health issues. Clare opened up about being sexually assaulted as a child and it was one reason she got the implants to begin with. She is moving forward and feels worthy without having artificial breasts.

Clare is scheduled to have surgery later this week.

Stay tuned for more updates and happy anniversary to Clare and Dale.

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