Clare Crawley: Childhood Trauma Led To ‘Toxic’ Breast Implants

Credit: Clare Crawley/instagram

Clare Crawley is ready to rid her life – and body – of toxicity. The former Bachelorette is getting her breast implants removed this week. In a raw and vulnerable post, Clare reflects on what led her to get the implants in the first place. 

Why is She Getting Implants Removed? 

Like many women, Clare Crawley had plastic surgery to increase her bust size. The reality star once played coy about the enhancement. But in 2021, she bared it all during a health crisis. The Bachelor Nation alum believes that all of her health problems from the last five years stem from the toxic material in her breast implants. 

Later this week, Clare will undergo surgery to get the breast implants removed. The Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge recently did the same thing for similar reasons. Since getting her implants out, Judge says that all of her symptoms have disappeared. 

According to Clare Crawley, her hives and other health woes are due to her body “fighting” against the implants. So, they’ve gotta go. 

Clare Crawley Reflects on Childhood Trauma 

In a new post to her Instagram feed, Clare Crawley shared more about her decision to get the implants in the first place. While she didn’t reveal exactly when she got them, it seems to be many years ago. 

Credit: Clare Crawley/instagram
Credit: Clare Crawley/Instagram

Clare starts out by encouraging people to speak their truth. “So here is mine,” she wrote before sharing intimate details about her childhood. In the emotionally raw post, Clare reveals that she was a victim of sexual abuse as a child. She doesn’t get into specifics, but she does reflect on how that affected her life. 

Because of the trauma, Clare found herself in “unhealthy relationships” for much of her “young adult years.” And so began a “vicious cycle” of not feeling worthy of love, which is something she’s talked about often on the Bachelor franchise. 

As a result of her low self-esteem, Clare opted for breast enhancement surgery to boost her confidence. In hindsight, she thinks she should have used the money for therapy, which she ultimately paid for anyway. 

Now Clare knows that she is “lovable and worthy.” She is taking her life back, reverting to “Clare 1.0.”

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Dale Moss Supports His Lady Love 

Does Dale Moss have something to do with Clare finally loving herself? The pair met on Season 16 of The Bachelorette. Clare’s feelings for Dale were so strong that she quit pursuing any of the other men after just a few weeks. Instead, she and Dale quit the show together. 

Their relationship wasn’t exactly a fairytale romance. Clare and Dale split up a few months later. However, the split was brief. They are happily back together. Us Weekly reported earlier this month that the Bachelorette couple is engaged again. In fact, it seems Clare has moved from California to NYC to be with her man. 

Credit: Dale Moss/Instagram
Credit: Dale Moss/Instagram

Dale Moss is a huge support system for Clare. After she announced she was removing her breast implants, he took to his Instagram to say how proud he was of her. 

If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual abuse, RAINN provides support and services. Click here for more information about resources. 

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